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(Photo by Kristin Hardwick from Stocksnap) Romantic or rock look, classic or dramatic style, and then there is the new entry, working from home fashion. In the last weeks it has prevailed over everything, in many countries of the world. Suddenly we have been catapulted into a new reality, where the home walls have become our office. We wake up in the morning, have breakfast and get ready for work! Just here, I would like to pause and extend the space between breakfast and work, to spend it in the bathroom to change our clothes and to take on a decidedly more lovely look. Pajamas should not leave the bedroom with us, even in quarantine!

Why speaking about working from home fashion?

I already imagine among you the laziest girl who considers it superfluous to talk about working from home fashion when you can have the bonus of staying comfortably in pajamas. And she does not understand the dangerous vortex in which she risks falling. We reason that the ever-coveted gift came only for circumstances of force majeure. The contract to which we have been aspiring since the birth of our firstborn is now closely connected to social distancing from the outside world. And this new reality where private life, work and leisure are all spent in the same identical place, can affect our mood over time. Instead, we need to establish a new routine, customize it to our needs, make it different throughout the day. For our new working style we should choose a nice and comfortable look, a light makeup, and why not, during our free time we can practice some exercise in the living room or on the balcony, since we can now recover the time spared for not driving to the office.

All that is extremely important for our physical and psychological well-being. Small daily gestures with a unique and fundamental value to overcome those sad moments that will arrive. Maybe we do not realize it right away, but the conception is that these actions make us protagonists and allow us to take control of our life, even when a virus arrives and upsets it in a nanosecond. While day after day, facing the daily routine in pajamas will take on the contours of passive reaction, a kind of dangerous habit where actions get confused and always become the same, from sleeping, working, eating to watching TV, all with the same pajamas and mood.

Working from home fashion tips for your video calls

Do you understand then, why I am here today to talk to you about working from home fashion? I promise I will take into consideration the need to wear comfortable clothes. I will not speak about certain outfits I have seen around the web, perfect only for wonder women working inside a super penthouse in New York! Some elegance is needed, you know, from the waist up at least, because you will have to manage a last minute video call from your curious colleague or even worse, from your office manager. Not to mention, then, all the teachers who have video lessons with their students! Appearance is even more important these days, because communication passes through the only two senses filtered by the web, now solicited even more, sight and hearing. And don’t forget your new office, the window on your world. A tidy desk, a background that is in keeping with the concepts of order, cleanliness and efficiency, to work at the best and keep the trust of those who are following you.

Working from home fashion ootd

The upper part of the body is the one that must be highlighted, precisely for the reasons just mentioned. If you love the casual look go for something classic on the top, and get comfortable or sporty garments like denim pants or jeggings. The twin sweater set is a great substitute for the classic jacket, it’s warm and elegant at the same time. But you could also consider the idea of a light wool cardigan, since the days are still rather cold. If you prefer the blouse on springy days, you can never go wrong. It is always a winner, both for traditional and social distancing working. These days, I sometimes wear knee-length dresses, in light wool, so warm and comfortable, but also elegant. And I add a pop of light with a long necklace and a drop of my favourite perfume I bought in Dubai which brings me good vibes and memories.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the colours! Opt for those that enhance your complexion! Keep my tips in mind, now more than ever! And if you still have doubts on the matter, this is the link to the blog page, where you can find out how to choose and pair the best colours to flatter your skin.

Have a good day, dear readers!


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