Work outfit ideas for this Fall

How sad is the argument about the work outfit, you will say! Absolutely not, my dear readers! Change attitude and start thinking about a real opportunity that will bring a touch of joy to a notoriously serious and gloomy look, without breaking the rules of the dress code at work, where the dark colours excel, including black, blue and gray. And think about the positive vibes on your mood! How best you can deal with a working day spent inside a cold and competitive environment! And maybe you could even inspire some colleagues, or maybe they can become even nicer with a bit of panache on!

The denim shirt and the formal suit

Work outfit and denim shirt, how lovely is this combo! I’ve tried it and I’m adopting it especially in these days, when the temperatures are a bit lower and you start to abandon beautiful light blouses and fancy tops. The effect on the black knee-length skirt is amazing, that intense blue colour definitely gives light to the darker clothes. I like to add flat pointed shoes, in the same colour of the skirt, to complete a formal, yet elegant look. If you have rather large hips and the pencil skirt is not really your best solution, then wear the denim shirt with a flared skirt or with elegant wide leg trousers, simple and straight and without details and pockets.



The feminine top and the pencil skirt

A pretty and feminine top under the dark suit jacket! Who knows what it will ever suggest! Cheerfulness and good humor, good predisposition to work and relationships with colleagues! I think this is precisely the message that a graceful garment is able to communicate. The suit makes the man, especially in the workplace. And the choice of a nice top under a dark and austere suit means just that, grace, cordiality and sympathy, qualities that never hurts, but often inspire the mood and certain environments. Take care of the necklines. Avoid deep necklines or go for silk scarves.



The sneakers in the same colour of the elegant trousers

Break the severe look of the whole suit and wear separate items, mix the pieces that belong to elegant suits, but of different and contrasting colours, like the white or cream colour jacket with the dark trousers, both still very formal. Add a nice pair of sneakers in the same colour of the trousers. The result will be just perfect, formal and stylish at the same time, inspiring a touch of creativity to boring and sad clothes. Tops or shirts must be strictly in silk or in precious fabrics if you want to get a touch of allure and refinement to the outfit.


The knitted sweater instead of the white blouse

The cotton sweater can be used to create a nice work outfit. Especially the one with a decorated weave, of light consistency so that you can wear it  instead of the classic and much seen white blouse. If you have a lean column body shape, add a thin belt on the shaped sweater to hightlight the waist, or choose a larger style, but then opt for block heels instead of flat shoes, to elongate your figure. Replace the pencil skirt with the flared skirt or trousers, if your sides are wide enough.


Now, my dear readers, look yourself in the mirror and have fun trying to realize the outfits I’ve suggested! After all, sometimes, it’s good to change!

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