Which pair of shoes do I wear tomorrow?

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Which pair of shoes do I wear tomorrow to go to work? I dunno… well… While my thoughts are wandering around, I look at them, two in a row, but I hardly decide, I admire all my shoes, I think again and again, at the end of a day which had been simply busy, when the kids (one is about 71 inches tall) already sleep like a rock. But I like taking my time in easy and coloured thoughts. It makes me relax…. till my husband’s comment “Don’t tell me you have nothing to wear!” brings my feet on the ground. I don’t know how he can guess all my thoughts. Maybe he really knows me. Or he is endowed with a certain male talent. Anyway, shoes are never enough for me, like scarves and foulards. I must admit it, I have an insolent foot that always pretends the perfect pair of shoes. But I could never wear slippers!

So, which pair of shoes do I wear tomorrow? Comfortable shoes?!? My dear insolent foot, give up comfortable shoes for comfortable but beautiful shoes… or uncomfortable and beautiful shoes and a pair of first-aid sneakers in my large Boston bag. Any choice I’ll make, and you too, my dear readers, it should follow the concept of distinctiveness. Which means that apart from the style of shoes you choose, that pair of shoes must have something special. So, if you prefer flat shoes go for pointed toes in bright colours. Light blue, red or pink… simply fabulous! If you can stand only on short heels look for special heels, like rocchetto or kitten heels. The last one was very popular in the 50’s and the icon of style Katherine Hepburn used to wear them every day. I really like this kind of shoes. They give a touch of glamour to a pair of jeans, they flatter pencil skirts, Capri trousers, they are so versatile that they practically match many outfits. Another kind of heels which is very glamouros is the flared, especially if it’s covered in fabric or leather. Flared shoes are beautiful and comfortable at the same time, they gain elegance and height, and are perfect if you work long hours.

Let’s leave the heels benind and start speaking about shoes style. My friend “R” often wears Brogues and Oxfords, which are perfect for work outfits, and she has also a good taste for clothing. But you can be changed for a stiff and excessively strict person if you wear formal style from tip to toe. So beware and opt for the mix and match solution: mix the male style of the Brogues and of the trousers with female garments like a silk shirt, a coloured belt, a silk scarf, a fitted jacket. I like Oxfords with medium heels that I wear with skirts too. It’s the kind of shoes you should buy sooner or later, during sales. Let’s now speak about more female shoes. Do you like Mary Janes shoes? They are so pretty but I must admit it, they are not for every ankle, almost forbidden for very thin or large ankles.
And when the colder days of winter demand closed shoes, go for ankle boots with medium heels, which are perfect for long hours far from home.

Do you remember my post about body shapes? Where I spoke about how to find the right clothes according to each female body shape? I stated that one on the basic rules is about proportions. Which is true for shoes too. Imagine a beautiful girl with a large body shape, walking on a pair of thin heels. Unacceptable. Better larger heels like cone heels. As for strappy shoes I must admit that they are not flattering to every figure. Women with thick or very large ankles should avoid them. Last but non least: the shades should be selected from your colour palette and be coordinated with the lowest hemline worn. By matching hemline, tights and shoes you can elongate the leg and your calves and ankles will look slimmer.

At the end of this post I must confess it. I sometimes wear training shoes to go to work. And some of you already knows it. I usually match them with a pair of elegant trousers in grey Prince of Wales check with blue overcheck fabric, a fitted cashmire sweater in the same light blue, a trendy belt with sparkling small steel buttons, a coloured silk foulard. Clearly training shoes are not the right shoes for work outfits. What I want to tell you is that sometimes you can mix and match styles to make the most anonymous pair of shoes become cool. At the end of your busy day, when you have accomplished everyting and there’s silence at home, go to your closet, open the doors, enjoy and relax yourself. Take out those clothes that will let you face your next busy day. In a more pleasant manner. To start the day with the right pair of shoes.

Which pair of shoes are you wearing tomorrow?


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