When your face changes

How many times have you looked at an old photo, with a pinch of melancholy and discovered “how beautiful I was!”. Maybe, at that time, you didn’t like yourself, while today you’d kill for getting some years younger. It’s time to get up from your sofa, and leave the photos behind. Take the Magic Mirror and look at yourself positively. It’s time to get the right makeup for a still beautiful face.

Do not expect magic potions, but simple tips and rules you cannot do without. First of all, you have to take care of your body and face (this is an everlasting rule for women of all ages) with healthy eating, outdoor sports activities, a good skincare routine based on cleansing and moisturizing, which will ensure beauty and health in the long run. Now that you have understood that health and beauty are strictly related you can go to your makeup case and look inside it saying “Nothing ages me more than dated beauty habits”. Which means that you have to get rid of frosted eye shadows, glossy lipsticks and coloured mascaras: they only emphasize wrinkles and eye bags at this age, it’s better to give them to you daughter and go for a natural makeup that flatters the colours of your complexion. Tinted moisturisers, BB creams and CC creams are good cosmetic products to brighten and highlight the skin tone. If you prefer foundation you should choose a liquid and light type and be aware that during the day it could collect in the fine wrinkles, so look yourself in the mirror and blend it well if it is necessary.

Let’s now speak about the eyes and the area around it. Special tools for your makeup are the mascara, the eye pencil and the eyeliner: they emphasize your gaze, on condition that you apply them more to the top lash line than the bottom as this can drag the eyes down and highlight fine lines. You can use eye shadows, but with moderation and in neutral shades. A useful ally that can not miss in your beauty case is a blush. It’s great for emphasizing cheekbones and perking up a tired-looking complexion. Choose pink colour in the shade that best suits your skin.

Last but not least: the mouth. Avoid glossy lipsticks and instead go for pigmented types with a colour slightly darker than your lips which gives fullness.


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