When the days become colder

mantella e cappello

What a beautiful summer the one that has just gone by! Warm days, wonderful weekends at the sea with family and friends, open-air lunches with the music of the waves in the background. Suddenly a shower comes and wipes out the summer weather. Not even the time to get used to the idea. It is difficult to resume the winter rhythm of children’s school and afternoon engagements, and having to leave that meeting with the sunbed at the bathing establishment no. 35/b is really too much. I don’t want to say goodbye to my weightless and colourful dresses. I’d like to extend this ideal season, but the wind and the rain force me to stay with my feet on the ground and shout “Simo! You are no longer young! Do not complain about back pain and cold! “” Okay, okay! “I say (and my daughter looks at me and exclaims that I always talk to myself out loud) “I’ll put something on! “I say (and my daughter shakes her head).


Then, all of a sudden, I head to the corridor, climb three steps at a time, because a light bulb came on in my head, switched by my reaction to the blue mood caused by the shower, and it’s so well-lighted that I no longer see the rain and I do not even feel the wind. I’m only looking forward to wearing my beautiful cape, which is upstairs, at the second floor, in my warm closet. Finally I wear it. What can I say … it’s perfect, it’s just cool, in these days that it’s a bit cold in the morning and in the evening, but not at lunch time. And it’s so beautiful. In woollen cloth, with arm holes, long fringes that flatter the simplest outfit. Maybe my cape does not interest you at all and you’re almost on the point of leaving this page … but no … I really think you should stay here because it might be useful to know how to wear it to not risk to be mistaken for … an old and shabby befana! Take notes and go on reading. Sometimes a few tips can make a big difference!

How to wear the cape

Let’s start from the first point of the list, that about proportions. The cape is warm and wrapping, but it hides the beautiful female curves and adds volume, therefore, to balance and make you appear more harmonious, you have to create a contrast in the lower part of your body, wearing a pair of skinny trousers and, especially for those who are petite, heels or ankle boots. Once you have your cape on, look yourself in the mirror and adjust it so that the rim does not end up in the largest part of your body. I’m addressing mainly to those who have a pear-shape with full hips: try to let the rim of your cape be over or below your hips. In this way you’ll avoid highlighting this part. Or you can loop your cape around your neck, covering your body up to the belly and pull the two ends on the shoulders, so that they cover your back and your thighs.


Let’s go to the second point, the one that makes the difference. You’ve certainly noticed that there are so many capes that walk down in the street. So how do you distinguish yourself and make your garment unique? Dear accessories … come to my aid! A beautiful brooch, a stunning brooch with stones of the colours that flatter your complexion, to be used in the double function of jewel and clip. Or, if you prefer a romantic style, choose among embroidered pearl and satin flower clips in colours that compliment your skin.

Last but not least: choose a cape that is made of  woven woollen cloth or flannel: it’s light, warm, precious and drapes well on your shape.


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