What you shouldn’t miss out on summer sales

Good news, dear readers! For those who have not noticed, which I doubt strongly, Summer sales have just begun! And I think it is right to speak about this argument, to give you some tips and turn this occasion into a real opportunity, avoid the mistakes that sometimes drive you to buy unnecessary items, just because they are cheap. So, what to buy on summer sales? The must have items and the garments you will wear next year, those that endure this year trends and fashion. The wishlist which follows has been thought for the the woman over 40, who looks for elegant and stylish items on Summer sales.

The striped top

It is a classic item that can not miss in your wardrobe, one of those garments that help on many occasions. The striped top is perfect for the casual look, combined with jeans and flat shoes, it is special and glam together with the floral skirt for more elegant occasions. Remember, though, that the horizontal lines tend to widen, so be careful if you have a large breast, in which case you could wear it under a cardigan or a jacket that breaks the continuity of the stripes. In addition, orient yourself to garments in precious yarns and in the classic colours like blue, black and red, on a light background. I also remind you of the page I dedicated to the striped patterns, which could come in handy with further suggestions.

The polka dot dress

The polka dot dress was one of the flagships of this spring/summer fashion. This pattern, so youthful, on women over 40 must be used with right accessories, to give a touch of freshness to your look and not risk, instead, the opposite effect, that of the old aunt. So, go ahead with the coloured accessories on the black dress with white polka dots, add splashes of red or yellow, like in the outfit below. Choose the style that best enhances your physical characteristics, pay attention to the size’s pattern and to the kind of fabric. They can help to change the final result. My tips continue on the page dedicated to this topic, on the blog.

The chemisier dress

The denim chemisier dress is an extremely versatile garment. To be worn for casual looks, every day, after work. To be enriched with a beautiful coloured belt, sandals and matching bag, a showy necklace with semi precious beads for a casual outfit, but also glam and unique. The waist belt is perfect for the pear shaped woman, while the lean column woman should wear the chemisier simply left long and straight and pair it with a long necklace. The apple woman can orient herself towards the open chemisier style, wear it like a cardigan on a knee length dress, or opt for the A-shaped minidress in a soft fabric, to be matched with skinny jeans or leggings. (Go to the blog’s page about woman body shapes for further information on the subject).

The long dress

The long dress is a must have for summer evenings, it is a garment that you will not do without since the first time you wear it. A special and coloured pattern can enhance the complexion and give elegance. Just very little is needed to complete the outfit with such an important dress. From silk to viscose, from cotton to sheer fabrics, there is a long dress for any shape. The only thing to do is to choose the one that best suits your body. And if you still have doubts on the matter, I remind you of the post I have dedicated to this item.

Block heel sandals

I am crazy about the block or flared heel sandal, right for the woman who spends hours and hours away from home. It gives a few cm. in height without giving up comfort. Why not take advantage of the summer sales to buy a beautiful pair of sandals? Well, now that I have almost convinced you, however, before making purchases you might regret, please follow the tips I dedicated to heels!

The swimsuit

Last but not least, the swimsuit. But not just any one, rather the one that will make you walk the catwalk of the bathing establishment as if you were a great diva. Yes, because when you choose a garment that is perfectly designed for your body, you forget the flaws and especially the problems you create, often in vain, about yourself. From the tankini, to the bikini, to the one piece swimsuit. So many tips you can find at the dedicated page of my blog.


Tips to follow before purchases

Did you think it was over here? Not at all, my dear readers! I don’t want to risk to question with your partner about my responsability on  leaving your family penniless! My wishlist ends with the following guide to summer sales for a responsible and not compulsive shopping.

Before purchasing look in the closet to discover the items that are actually missing and that could be really useful, including the must have items, so that you can face the temptations inside the shops with your wishlist in hand.

Buy only the items that enhance your figure, even if you have just fallen in love with the dress that your beloved style icon was wearing. The dress must be perfect only on you, not on others.

Always go for must have items and evergreen garments.

Beware of overcrowded shops where the music is so loud. Often these two factors together result in an overall euphoria that increases the inclination to purchases. So, in order not to cry over the spilled milk, take a deep breath and answer the three fatal questions: 1) Do I need it? 2) Is it okay for my body shape? 3) Is it absolutely worth it? Well, if the answer is always yes, throw yourself into the object of your desires and above all have fun!

Looking forward to hearing about your next purchases during these summer sales!


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