What to buy during clearance sales


Sales, sales, sales. It seems that everyone gives away everything at very low prices and in a blink, you realize you’ve been the victim of some compulsive behaviour which made you spend more than you could have. It often happens. Over the years I have learned that it is better to make a sort of a wish list, check it to delete the useless items and leave only those that really deserve an investment. But first of all you need to open the doors of your closet and look for what is really missing and needed, to discover the items that can really stay on top of your list, those that will become your next purchases if you do not want to deal with the feeling of guilt for buying useless items.

I’ve prepared some tips for you that could be useful before leaving home to go shopping:


Evergreen items

Go for for those items that survive the trends of the moment. They are the leaders that resist the time, those often worn by famous actresses and characters of the showbiz. And they are also the cult objects of fashion addicted, known as “must have”. From the trench coat to the little black dress, from the twin set to the white shirt … I have dedicated a page of my blog to must have items and I’ll remind it to you again to make sure you do not miss anything before buying during sales: the must have in the closet.


Outerwear items, the great protagonists of sales

Look for a nice coat or a quilted jacket, now that prices are more affordable. And take a healthy walk in downtown. Look into shop windows to find the coat that best suits your body shape and if you still have any doubts about it, read my post I want a coat that really suits me!, where you will find some useful tips for your body figure.


Mid-season clothing items

Buy items that can be used in the mid-season, the straight cardigan, the classic-style pair of trousers, the denim shirt. When you do not know what to wear, simply because that day you are not in the right mood, go for classic and simple clothing items and colour your outfit with some accessories. A good recommendation is to buy clothes whose shades best highlight your complexion and if you still have doubts on the matter, before going out for shopping during sales, read again my blog’s page dedicated to your best colours.


Coloured clothing items

Fall-winter 2017 / 2018 trends highlighted both bright colours and white, that is to say colours that usually belong to warmer seasons. Why don’t you take advantage of sales and buy coloured items you can use next summer? Have a look at knee-length dresses in silk or viscose fabric, long dresses for special occasions.


Coloured accessories

Bright red accessories had been the protagonists of winter catwalks and now more than ever the whim for red items can take you! From the bag to the scarf, from the belt to the boots and shoes. Maybe you still don’t know but you are buying items you’ll use next spring. Red is one of those colours that are often proposed in spring combined with white and blue, the colours of the French flag.


I’ve argued a lot on being cautious and considering targeted purchases. But I must unfortunately confess my feelings of guilt for the many sweaters I’ve bought simply because they were on sales. And it’s not over! At the top of my wish list there are a red bag, kitten heel ankle boots, they too in red colour, and why not … the red belt …. What a wounderful outfit! With a pair of jeans, the white blouse, the black biker jacket … my rock soul is awaking! And I’m flying away with my thoughts … to a concert, with the best music ever, from Queen, U2, David Bowie….

Good shopping to you all! And tell me what you are going to buy!

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