Trendy loafers for your September outfits

If you have already bought them last spring – the trendy loafers – in September, to transition into fall, you will wear them again. Chunky or classic, in bright or traditional colours, loafers remain the preferred footwear as far as practicality is concerned, especially when temperatures drop. Because you can match them easily with jeans and jackets, perhaps less with dresses and skirts, you will think. Instead, the options multiply, even with the chicest garments, as these shoes make the formal look shine and refresh it.

loafers and denim

My ideal loafers are classic in shape, traditional and with a practically non-existent heel. But they are bolder in the choice of colour, a powder blue that I feel so close to me, different from the majority, always remaining chic.

How to style loafers

The few basic rules to remember in terms of elegance are the following: two or three colours, precious fabrics and clean and essential shapes. In a nutshell, those simple tips that help you style your loafers to get new casual and chic outfits.

loafers and stripe dress

My first look is built around a classic garment we often wear in mid-seasons. I’ve chosen a blue and white striped dress and paired it with a cropped denim jacket in a gorgeous shade of blue that goes with all the other shades from head to toe. Do you like it?

loafers and Chanel style jacket

In the second photo, however, I’ve enjoyed playing with different styles of garments that share the same shades of colour. Chanel’s tweed jacket has been paired with ripped jeans and loafers that stand out in all their beauty, thanks to the length of the trousers that highlight the ankles, and the details of the shoes with the beautiful metal chain.

Casual looks with loafers

The loafers and jeans outfit is a great combination, especially when looking for alternative shoes to sneakers to elevate the look. You can add flashy and precious accessories, and that’s it!

loafers and shorts

On these last sunny days, I like to wear loafers with shorts and a light cardigan; I’m not ready to say goodbye to my favourite summer dresses yet! Does it happen to you too?

loafers and pencil skirt

For the office, together with the pencil skirt, the loafers are perfect for the first autumn days: elegance is guaranteed, together with practicality and comfort.

Among the many shoes, which you find online and in stores, this season loafers are back with different models to satisfy the most refined and demanding fashionistas. From wedges and heels to new and unusual materials, it’s hard not to find what best represents us. Even if, for women over 40 and over 50 who do not give up on sustainability and elegance, the classic models are still the safest investment.

Have a nice day, dear readers! Enjoy the beautiful September days!

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