Travel sandals outfit ideas to be chic and stylish

Until last year I never thought I’d write an article about travel sandals, those that are often seen circulating at the feet of some foreigners unaware of having arrived in the homeland of fashion. A slipper with an orthopaedic sole does not go along with beauty and elegance, even if fashion catwalks show them off with the trendiest and most colourful outfits. Instead, this summer, I have changed my point of view. I have started to look for the most suitable model for us women over 40 and over 50 who still try to be fashionistas even when we walk in comfortable and wide shoes. And I have found the right shoes, the travel sandals with the cork sole to the delight of my feet.

sandali da turista e jeans

How can we go for the perfect travel sandals that uplift our summer looks?

Flip-flop styles make your feet look more graceful than double-strap ones. Those with the stripe that goes diagonally from the big toe towards the top of the shoe make the toes and lacquered nails stand out, leaving behind the concept of orthopaedic footwear. Even the choice of colour can make a big difference from an aesthetic point of view. Choose colours other than the classic standard of orthopaedic footwear, such as black, brown or blue in their matte shades, but if you are not eccentric in the way you dress, combine these popular travel sandals with elegant or designer accessories of the same colour.

travel sandals and denim
Le dressing ideal, Pinterest

If you don’t want to fall into banality, turn to lighter colours that harmonize easily with your complexion. Less common materials, such as metallic, shiny, embossed or printed ones, give a sparkling and modern look that will certainly not go unnoticed. As for me, who belongs to the typology of the spring woman, I have chosen metallic pink. Do you like it? If you want to deepen the topic of your colour palette, go and visit the dedicated blog page, your best colours.

Stylish combinations with travel sandals

The monochrome look is always chic, so if you’re planning to wear from head to toe in white, black, or whatever other shade of the rainbow, remember that your orthopaedic sandals will go up a level on the ladder of progression to elegance. Another style hack on monochromatic outfits recommends adding accessories in bright or contrasting colours to freshen up classic dresses and formal wear, giving a touch of whimsy under the influence of the latest healthy summer vibes.

travel sandals and total white look
Footwear news, Pinterest

These types of sandals are perfect with long dresses, jeans, shorts and skirts, with virtually any casual outfit. After 40 and 50, however, focusing more on casual chic styles, even for leisure looks, is the right compromise between elegance and practicality. Garments in cotton and denim should therefore be combined with clothing in light and precious fabrics and enriched with accessories. Furthermore, the care of your appearance is not to be underestimated, considering the neat hairstyle and, of course, the shiny feet, which are on display in your travel sandals.

travel sandals and silk skirt
Emma Hill, Pinterest

In these last summer days, I like to wear my sandals with a pair of jeans and a silk blouse. But also with a long dress, or with an elegant silk skirt that slides lightly on the hips without hugging. Do you agree with me?

abito lungo e sandali tipo birkenstock

Have a nice evening, dear readers!

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