How to wear the biker jacket after 40ies

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I really hope that you do not want to abandon me right after reading the title, my dear and beautiful readers! The biker jacket, the item preferred by motorcyclists, perhaps has never been part of your wardrobe. But there is always a first time and… considering that everything out there speaks about newsness, from the days that get longer, the first flowers that sprout in the gardens, the colorful and inviting shop window, you too could be involved into changing your attitude to be prepared and listen to my new topic. Maybe I could even amaze you with some more feminine and less aggressive jacket’s style, so special to make your look unique. Forget, then, the idea you have on the biker jacket worn by Arthur Fonzarelli in Happy Days or by Danny Zucco – John Travolta dancing on his red car in Grease. Unforgettable memories, of course, sealed by your sighs of youth. Blue Jeans, a white T-shirt and the biker jacket. They were beautiful and young and didn’t need anything else. But not us. We must take care to the style of the jacket, and mix it with special items to create trendy outfits suitable for the elegant and classy woman over 40ies.

pink biker jacket

How to choose the right biker jacket among the many styles you see in the shop windows and in fashion magazines? First of all you should go for faux leather jackets and more feminine styles with proportioned volumes that draw the waistline. The iconic essential details of the combo alias biker jacket are welcome, like the cross zip, the maxi lapels, the buckles on the sides. Avoid, however, showy decorations, patches and studs, opt for a more versatile and bon ton style. The classic black is a must that returns this Spring. You already know what I think about this colour. In theory it is perfect for the winter woman, in practice it’s one on the most liked and worn colour by all women, provided that it’s used together with a scarf or a top in the colours that best flatter the complexion. (At the dedicated page of the blog, you’ll find further details on how to choose your best colours). Alternatively, to be in tune with the next season which is a real explosion of colours, you could go for the coloured biker jacket, either salmon pink for the spring woman or tomato red for the autumn type, pale pink for the summer woman or dove grey colour that looks quite good on everybody.

black biker jacket


The lenght of the jacket is very important too. Very short jackets, around 18 inches of lenght, are more suitable for those who have an hourglass or a pear body shape, while jackets around 23 inches of lenght are more suitable for lean column body shapes and in general for women who have the lower part of the body longer than the upper part. (click here for further details on body shapes).

Here are my favourite biker jacket outfits, according to the rule of mix and match:

Biker jacket and plissé skirt

In this outfit the plissé skirt, so elegant and feminine, contrasts with the rock and aggressive style of the combo and of the ankle heeled boots. A small coloured clutch adds an extra touch of femininity and class for an outfit perfect to go out with friends.


Biker jacket and LBD

LBD stands for little black dress, the versatile dress you certainly have in the closet, ready to wear above all when you do not really know what to wear. Black is perfect for winter women. But the little dress can be also in another favourite colour, cream or dove grey, just to mention the two most popular colours. Add a pair of black or coloured decolleté shoes, go for the biker jacket instead of the micro cardigan. The result will be surprising, an elegant outfit that does not want to be taken for granted and total formal, but that has that unique touch of personality.

Biker jacket and blue jeans

I’ve taken two decidedly masculine garments, but I want to mix them, however, with a white silk shirt with a bow collar. And to complete this simple but nice outfit, I’ve dediced I’ll add a pair of flat pointed shoes. Amazingly simple, to wear every day.


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