How to wear long and short necklaces

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Did it happen that you were going to wear your preferred necklace and then you abandoned the idea because it didn’t pair the dress you had chosen? Maybe it did to you too. And perhaps you have started thinking that necklaces, as well as clothing and accessories, should follow some rules to better enhance your outfits and characteristics.
The time has come, therefore, to talk about them, the lovely and good friends of your outfits, to wear during the day and in the evening, providing that you follow some important tips that make you look at your best!

The jewellery etiquette

You already know what I think about rules. You’d better know and apply them with respect to style and class, and then break them a bit with a touch of personal taste. So, let’s start from the jewellery etiquette, the one that guides you to choose the right necklace for every occasion and that pays particular attention to their lengths. The choker necklace (14-16″) enhances the neckline and is often used with elegant dresses that have uncovered shoulders or worn with dresses with a V-shape neckline. Slightly longer, however, the princess necklace, which is suitable for different types of necklines (16-18″), whose most popular interpretation is that of the string of pearls. You can wear with a small cardigan or a round collar top for your daytime casual looks, or with elegant dresses for special evenings. The matinee necklace (20-22″) has an medium length, which makes it decidedly versatile and usable in various daytime outfits, but also for party looks. The term opéra defines, instead, a longer necklace (30-36″) that you can use for special evening occasions; but also all day long, when you want to get a result of great style and refinement.

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The perfect necklace for every body shape

My second piece of advice deals with good taste and classic proportions. It states that both the necklace’s style and length must be proportionate to one’s size, for a harmonious overall result. Therefore, don’t go for chokers if you have a thick neck and abandon thin necklaces if you have a large upper body. Instead, choose long necklaces that create vertical lines and tend to slender the figure, reason why they are better suitable for women with large bust, on condition that the chain is medium size and proportionate to the figure. Minute people, on the other hand, should avoid necklaces that are too long and go for princess or matinee styles. A good advice for you all is that about matching the necklace with the outfit you are going to wear, which means that showy jewels are more suitable for classic and plain dresses, while fancy dresses and bright colours should be accessorized with more sober jewellery.

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How to choose the right stones and metals

Rule number three is the one dedicated to the choice of stones and metals. In general, from sunset, you should orient towards precious and brilliant stones, while during all day you can wear pearls and semi-precious or coloured stones. Before choosing stones and metals, pay attention to the colours that best highlight your complexion: as I already spoke about the argument in the page Your best colours, gold and warm colour stones are better suited to spring and autumn women types, while winter and summer women are at the top with stones in cold and icy tones, mounted in white and silver gold jewellery.

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Necklaces and necklines

The fourth rule takes into account the different necklines and suggests, in general, to get the same line for necklines and necklaces. So, if you wear a V neckline top, you should opt for a princess necklace with pendant; conversely, go for choker or princess styles with round neckline items. Under a beautiful collar blouse you can add a short or medium length necklace, which can be glimpsed by leaving the first button unfastened. The sober look of the turtleneck sweater can be enriched by a princess necklace with pendant or a longer matinee necklace.

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Some more tips about necklaces

Now that you have learned some rules, you can break them a bit with a touch of personality, to give some freshness to the total formal look. Nothing could be easier with a showy necklace that stands out! A unique pendant matched with a mono coloured block dress, a coloured choker worn with the classic little black dress, a string of pearls wrapped with a necklace made of turquoise or coral stones or black crystals. Any solution you choose, follow my last advice: try something new and unconventional, then look yourself in the mirror and if you still have some doubts about this argument … well, … you know how to get in touch with me!

Enjoy yourself!

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