Tips on how to mix and match the Prince of Wales check

Prince of Wales check, gingham, stripes… Have you ever wondered who decide how and which clothes must be produced for fashion collections? Never before today has fashion searched for inspiration into the streets. Fashion designers produce their masterpieces by looking first at what happens in downtown streets and squares, beaten every day by ordinary people and influencers while they go to work. Fashion hunters and experts peer to grasp the first important signs of the upcoming trends that will be transformed into fashion products. They search for confirmations on the web, among social networks, using some tools provided by Google Analytics and others, through the most typed and popular keywords.

So, the Prince of Wales check, the Glen plaid and many other patterns take shape, through the various garments that are exhibited in the shopping windows of the centre. Have you ever had the impression of being a kind of fashion guru owning the power of anticipating fashion and trends? Have you ever wondered why many fashion collections follow the same identical trends? Don’t you think that fashion designers consult each other before deciding what to produce? It does not work that way. The market offers us what we want on a silver plate, interprets our desires that we catch with the wallet ready to hand.

principe di galles e maglioncino

So, in the shop windows of the centre, for my joy, and also for yours, the Prince of Wales check arrives, in the shape of blazers, suits, trousers or skirts, and for me especially in that of enchanting and seducing ankle boots with medium thin heels. All together, in the global market, we have already given some tips to someone who knows how to interpret our desires. We only have to plunge into this large pot full of black and white stripe fabrics, crossed occasionally by some nice coloured brushstroke. At least we must understand what really flatters our body shape, buy only the clothes that are really worth, following our head and not only the heart.


The Prince of Wales suit

I like to break the monotony of ordinary outfits, I’m a fan of mix and match style. But if you want to wear Prince of Wales from tip to toe, then you’d better play with accessories if you do not want to risk to look boring and old style. High heel pointed shoes, showy jewels, multicolour silk scarves, all really essential items to spice up your work uniform.


The trousers of the Prince of Wales suit

Finally, we have come to the argument that I love most, the one that allows you to mix styles without forgetting elegance, but acquiring a special touch of unique and personal allure. Do as I do, play with colour to renew a rather monotonous clothing item in that fabric, which is decidedly masculine and mute. The electric blue sweater, or if you prefer in lemon yellow, bright red, bright green colours, all to be chosen with regard to your colour palette (more info at the dedicated page of the blog) and paired with the line of the larger coloured check inside the Prince of Wales pattern. And if you can, add pointed shoes in the same shade of colour of your top. The cherry on the cake is the rock accessory, like the studded belt, provided it is refined and sparkling.

galles e maglione elettrico

The Prince of Wales skirt

Even in this case, you should give a blow to an item that, if wore after 40 could make us look older and get the label of the spinster. The Prince of Wales pattern needs something showy like coloured garments. If you have a lean column body shape like me, opt for the pencil skirt, knee-length, and wear it with a soft sweater as long as your waist. But if  you have a physique with wider hips, you’d better choose the A-shaped skirt, add a tight sweater that highlights your beautiful wasp waist. And why not insert a nice pair of ankle boots, Texan style? I really like this solution, so fresh, fashionable and decidedly personal.


Have a good day, dear readers!


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