The winter sweaters to grab in the sales

maglione invernale decorato e oversize

The Epiphany feast took away all the holidays, but as usually, it started the chasing after the special occasions that we did not find under the Christmas tree. Among them there are the splendid winter sweaters that pop out of every shop window or from our preferred glossy magazines. This year’s winter fashion has shown many items in knitwear on the catwalk, soft jumpers that smell of pampering and tenderness. Trends seem to have interpreted the need for security and serenity of the whole society, due to sense of precariousness and uncertainty caused by the virus. They have translated it into wrapping and oversize garments that also warm the heart, as if to make us forget in a large hug the worries that have been stealing our smiles for so many months.

The 2020/2021 winter sweaters are true pieces of handicraft. Some could even provide some tips and push us to take up knitting again, dusting off the skills and passions we had a bit forgotten. To which we can now dedicate since social distancing had given us more time to stay at home. It’s like going back through the years, when we were younger and used to spend the free time embroidering or knitting during long rainy winter days. The memory goes back to my teenage years, to the many Norwegian style sweaters I knitted. The more complicated they were, the more I enjoyed working, with those convoluted stitches that required concentration and precision.

maglione invernale giallo e decorato
oversized yellow decorated sweater, via Pinterest

Sweater dresses

The most beautiful models coming from the catwalks feature elaborate and refined patterns including cable-knit, Englis rib, unusual stitches producing an exclusive design, floral embroidery. The trendiest garment is certainly the sweater dress, proposed in two versions, the one piece and the one formed by two different pieces, the skirt and the sweater that can be combined separately for new looks, to refresh the clothes in the wardrobe. There are sweater dresses for all body shapes: from the one in the thin wool yarn to the more voluminous one with cable-knit or other patterns, from the A-shape dress suitable for almost all figures to the more enveloping one that perfectly follows the silhouette highlighting the waistline and the feminine curves.

With turtleneck, with V or crew neck that satisfy the different needs of every woman, winter sweaters are back in fashion. It is really worth taking advantage of the seasonal sales and invest in those garments that will continue to warm us for many more seasons. And if they are also sustainable they will certainly be more beautiful and trendy. Have a great day dear readers, enjoy the shopping and stay warm!

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Oversize grey sweater, via Pinterest

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Sweater dress with separated pieces, via Pinterest

Sweater dress, Beautydea via Pinterest

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