The white laced blouse that will make your looks

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If I had to choose just one clothing item to carry in my suitcase, and you know how difficult this task would be for me, the white laced blouse would surely be the best choice. My husband knows something about it, it often happens that some of my gorgeous tops invade his space inside our walk-in closet, the relief lace shirt or the perforated top or my favourite embroidered floral blouse. To tell the truth, notwithstanding this apparent abundance of lace, I think that in my collection there is still one special style missing, like the laced blouse with geometric pattern. I will fill this gap as soon as I find the ideal item that will make me lose my head. The laced blouse is so beautiful and precious that it does not need so many extra accessories to create unique and special looks.

white laced blouse

And here we come to the main reason that made my choice fall on the laced blouse. Versatility, because you can really wear it with everything and in a thousand occasions. The lace in cotton fabric can be worn at different times of the day to create casual and chic combinations. Think of the classic jeans, how the look changes if you add a cool laced blouse instead of the usual T-shirt. And what about the elegant and formal trousers, how the outfit can be refreshed by a floral laced top.

It’s time now to let looks speak about this argument! Enjoy them!


The laced blouse and the jeans

It’s a winning combination for the over 40 woman who does not give up class and style even when she chooses the casual style. Jeans become special if combined with lace and exclusive accessories, like the coloured straw bag and the tennis shoes in canvas. A perfect look for leisure time, for Spring and Summer days.


The laced blouse and the shorts

Who said shorts are just for young girls? Just to be clear, I’m referring to mid-thigh styles, like these one I’ve chosen for you that have pretty tassels in perfect boho style. They are so cute in this combo with the white lace shirt, even more if combined with the embroidered cowgirl boots and the studded belt that wraps the sides to make the splendid pattern of the shirt stand out even more.


The long laced blouse

The long laced blouse is just perfect with jeggings and leggings and becomes so chic if you add heeled sandals and bag in the same colour. Otherwise, it completely changes style and becomes casual, if you use it as a gorgeoug beach coverup together with coloured flip-flops, or if you go for the shirt with denim pants, sneakers and a large bag.


The laced blouse and the elegant skirt

The bonton style is certainly the one in which the laced shirt finds its natural place. The refinement of the fabric embraces the pattern of the knee-length skirt, like that of the outfit I’ve chosen for you. And to complete the look the slingback in a delicate shade of pink! Such a romantic look that conquers my rock nature too!


Have a nice weekend, dear readers! Let me know which look you liked the most!

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