The warm sweater that makes you look cute

(Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels) Has it ever happened to you to wear a warm, heavy sweater and to avoid the mirror because in that comfy sweater, however, you were not feeling appealing but very clumsy? Well, if this is your case, you are in the right place at the right time. The sweaters that clutter up in your closet are not just for covering when the temperature is below zero, they can also be used for fantastic and feminine looks despite their appearance. Trust me!

Of course you have to add to your looks the right accessories and adopt some strategies. About which I’m happy to speak and looking forward to showing you some easy sweater outfits, but first you have to promise me you will stop wearing sweaters only with denim pants and sneakers!

The sweater with the skirt

If the sweater you are wearing is quite large and baggy, you should balance the whole outfit’s proportions by choosing, in the lower part of the body, clothes that slide well on the silhouette and enhance your femininity, which otherwise would be suffocated. Balance the wide top with light and slippery fabrics, thus go for the pencil skirt if you have a lean column body shape, choose the plissé pleated skirt if you are an hourglass or the flared and bias cut styles if you have a pear shape.

The belt worn around the waist and on the sweater

The belt on coats and sweaters is a real trend this Winter. The monogram or the embroidered belt worn at the waist is so special on those who have a small waist, otherwise wear it at the hips. And if you pair the belt with the boots’ colour you will create a chic and trendy look that will not go unnoticed. Choose a long sweater for your skinny jeans or leggings, add heel shoes to elongate your figure and a small silk scarf to tie in a bow. Does not your sweater look so different?

The sweater under the blazer

The perfect combination for those who need a formal look and at the same time want a warm outfit. The sweater worn under the jacket, instead of the classic white shirt, is the right alternative Winter uniform for the creative person who does not give up elegance and style. And why not play with showy or vibrant colours to refresh the ordinary work uniform? Have a go and tell me!

maglione verde e giacca

The lace tank top under the sweater

Romanticism does not go away with the cold, it remains hidden and occasionally comes out under the sweater. Choose a tank top with a lace edge in the same shade of the sweater. The result is really special, the look changes and softens, the sweater becomes more refined and unique.

maglione grigio e canotta pizzo

The trendy sweaters of this Fall – Winter

What are the trendy sweaters of this Fall – Winter’s fashion? Have you already noticed what to buy for next Winter sales? For those who have not noticed anything yet, the animal print is everywhere. And the shop windows are also enriched with sweaters in warm colours among which the most beautiful shades are burnt orange, spicy yellow, olive green, but also rose sorbet and lilac. If you have found your best colour, match it with neutrals and denim, to avoid fall of style or improbable colour combinations. I must not forget in this list the Norwegian sweaters and the cartoon character prints. There’s really a wide choice for every taste!

maglione stampa animalier

Enjoy yourself, change the look of your anonymous sweater! And Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Let’s meet here again, next year!


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