The Valentine’s Day gift you really deserve

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Valentine’s Day gift … woe betide those who believe that, after 40, women do not need any more gifts, flowers, presents and so on! Rather, now more than ever! Do not convince yourself that because of the many years that you and your sweetheart are together you do not need any kind of surprises. It takes very little to make someone smile and unplug from everyday routine and life, full of duties and tasks. But some shared moments make life easier, so today’s post seems written more for those wide shoulders where you shelter during the storm, rather than for you.

Why? Because I’ve tried to interpret your wishes and inspire your mate! You just have to find a way to convey my tips through your hubby’s favourite social network. Maybe he really needs some gift ideas! Follow me, then, and share the post on the most strategic channel, the one which he really follows!

Valentine’s Day gift – the belt bag

A special gift, the gift of my dreams, not the classic bag we all have, but the designer belt bag that you will take on holiday and that will make your casual looks more chic. It’s a small bag to wear with the belt on the long dress and also on the cardigan, just like this year’s trends. The top one is by Gucci, but I’ve also chosen other nice solutions at more accessible prices.

Valentine’s Day gift – the celestial fragrance

I know it’s a classic, but I do not go out without my two drops of perfume. You just need a little of that unique fragrance. As for me, I have tried and tried new perfumes, but I will never betray my favourite one, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. And I mean the eau de perfume and not the eau de toilette, because it stands with you from day to night without ever fading. For those who love a decidedly more Summer fragrance which calls to mind the smell of the sea, Cool water is definitely the most suitable perfume. If instead you adore flowers you cannot miss Joy by Dior, a light and fragrant bouquet that seems to anticipate the Spring.

Valentine’s Day gift – the showy bracelet

The perfect gift for the coming season and for those who love basic looks. The showy bracelet is, indeed, the essential accessory to give a little grit to the anonymous look. And since some men are not really able to understand the tastes of their mates, well, come up with the way to make them see that the bracelets I have chosen for you, in coral pink and blue shades, are really unique for design and materials.

Valentine’s Day gift – the perfect necklace

Last but not least, the necklace that stands out on your little black dress, or on the white silk shirt! You know how crazy I am for accessories and the necklace certainly could not be missing! It is the most important accessory for the woman who chooses neutral colours and basic styles, the added value on classic and neutral looks.

Have you found the perfect gift you should tick on the top of the wishlist? Of your sweetheart or simply of yours? In any case, happy Valentine’s Day!


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