The Sustainable Fashionista, a gift for Christmas

December brings the hunt for the cool and original gift to put under the Christmas tree, that one with a guaranteed surprise effect. But also for the useful or useless item which has been expressly requested and facilitates exhausting purchases. It must be said, then, that Christmas shopping for someone is a tiring and demanding undertaking, to be entrusted to those who long for it during the year. Enjoyable or not, if you are still looking for some advice for your Christmas gifts, The Sustainable Fashionista may be considered in your shopping list as a lovely and useful reading, a guide to keep on the night table for suggestions that might arrive at the right time.

My training path to sustainable fashion

The Sustainable Fashionista is the result of a training path to sustainable fashion that I have experienced on myself. It can be replicated and contextualized in everyday life, where the roles that are covered, together with the spirit of solidarity guided by a common civic sense, are intertwined with the passion for fashion, to seek achievable solutions for everyone. While I was writing my book, I enjoyed discovering strategies for more conscious habits and I was also so enthusiastic for the small, however significant, contribution to the well-being of the environment and society.

The Sustainable Fashionista

I started from recycling and reusing dismissed clothes by refreshing them with the help of a seamstress or making them trendier with some valuable accessories. And I also tried to better understand my style which I consider essential to avoid unnecessary purchases. Nevertheless, I discovered that the list of good deeds was endless and in a certain way profitable. I earned some money by selling my pre-loved items online, those carefully preserved over the years and that returned to circulate in another part of the planet. Now keeping company with a sustainable fashionista who liked my style.

The Sustainable Fashionista and Fashionista sostenibile, my books

A guide to style and beauty

The Sustainable Fashionista is also a guide to style and beauty for mature women who want to feel good in their clothes. I have tried to put in a simple and accessible language the techniques to discover the colours that enhance the complexion. And to disclose the tricks about the clothes and styles that enhance the body shapes. In the many paragraphs, some episodes of my life have come to life, driven by that part of me that cannot stay in silence. They were hostage of the longing for doing something and feeling alive, which is a bit naive and emerges careless and fearless of making mistakes.

Mixed with the enthusiasm for the topics argued in the book, this impulse led me to put myself at stake by making me overcome the initial fears and find, instead, an important message to share with the largest number of people, in a book that can turn any woman into a Sustainable Fashionista.

The Sustainable Fashionista, a book for Christmas

The book is available on Amazon, in the Kindle and paperback formats with colour images (Kindle version Asin number B097TW4YJK; paperback Asin number B097XGMJ29), at the following links:



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