The Summer dresses you will use for transitioning into Fall

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“Leave your Summer dresses, the Summer is ending, a year is going by too…” It’s not just a song’s lyrics. Since a few weeks ago, the days have shortened and I’m feeling blue at the idea of giving up the Sunday dinners barefooted in the sand. I wish I could still enjoy these moments, contemplate the colours of the sunset over the sea, wait for the moon rising over the water. It’s really hard to leave this beautiful Summer! Clearly, I must do anything, but what?

Yes, absolutely! What can I do? Just to limit the problem to the clothes and accessories, I think I can go on wearing Summer colours with my transitional outfits, those shades that always lead to good mood. It’s more or less like making this separation look like a goodbye. Therefore, I’ve decided to bring with me, while transitioning into Fall, some Summer dresses, as if to prolong those moments, before finding the right mood to face the long winter months.

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First of all, I want to start from one of the garments I rediscovered this year, the slip dress, so perfect for mid-seasons. I greatly appreciated it last Spring, after leaving it in the closet for a long time. I like wearing it with a white t-shirt, that makes it look more like a dress instead of lingerie. And when the air becomes cooler, you can add a maxi cardigan, knee-length and woollen, if you’re quite sensitive to the cold like me! I like this combo! The slightly shiny silk or viscose fabric paired with decidedly heavier clothes. And if these items are in the same shades or colours, well, you definitely have got an elegant and glam outfit! Otherwise, choose the classic neutrals for your outerwear, if your slip dress is in fancy pattern, and choose them according to your colour palette (have a look at my blog’s page dedicated to this topic) And then add the sneakers, if you love the mix and match style, or the sock ankle boots with medium and thin heels.


Above all, the long dress … why not wearing it again? The coloured one you had worn for a special summer evening, the dress that made you feel like the queen of that evening. It’s just perfect to spice up the mood of the first Fall days! Together with the biker jacket. Simply divine! This combination of contrasts, the delicacy and femininity of the dress with the essentiality of a casual and sporty garment par excellence. Together they create a perfect balance, without excesses, to be personalized with special accessories, like the bracelet purchased during your last holiday, the long necklace that wavers among the memories of a Summer holiday.

Finally, another winning combination is that of the short dress worn over tight pants. I am not joking, girls! I tried this combo a few days ago and now I’m using it! One of my favourite short Summer dresses with a pair of skinny pants and I must admit that I liked the solution so much that I have adopted this outfit for work too. I suggest you to use, however, the A-shaped short dress, or the straight style too, providing that they do not hug tightly. What do you think about my solution?

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Dear Summer, how will I do without you! See you soon, my dear friends!


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