The style mistakes you won’t make after 40ies

abito rosa e occhiali neri

Did it happen to you to buy an amazing dress and then at home, while wearing it in front of your mirror, to see a reflection that does not belong to your personality and style? I believe that this situation had occured to me and also to you, after making some style mistakes that hurt the wallet and the mood.
But do not let it become a tragedy! Do not feel guilty and look optimistically at what had happened to you! Shaking your head in front of the mirror means being on the right way towards awareness and doing your best to avoid possible style mistakes.

slip dress e tshirt
If we inform ourselves on the matter we will certainly be able to prevent next slip-ups. In other words, a woman warned is half saved! Which is really helpful before entering temptation shops with loud music, surrounded by the latest inviting and cheap garments.

Style mystakes – balance and proportions

Young girls are often forgiven for fashion slip-ups, while over 40 women should have acquired basic fashion and style rules, thus, they should have refined their taste and personality. If, however, you continue to be besieged by doubts about the style that best represents you, then rely on a simple rule, that of proportions to achieve a balanced look. Which means that if you choose a showy garment for the upper part of your body, could it be it a vertiginous neckline or a tight top, you could adopt a simpler tone for the clothes that will cover the lower part. Straight-line trousers, knee-length skirts, simple patterns or solid colors, shoes with medium heels, all that will help balancing every look.

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cold pressed seed oil for reducing the sign of aging and making the skin firmer and more relaxed, 30 pounds on The Body Shop website

Style mystakes – the monochromatic look

One colour looks are often associated with elegance. After 40, however, women should take care if they do not want to run the risk of looking older and out of fashion. Think of the pink color, whose shades exalt every type of complexion and which are reminiscent of childhood, or of white and black, the colours we associate with the bride and the end of earthly life. Covering yourself from head to toe with one of these colours is always risky. Adding colorful or statement accessories helps to abandon the concepts that belong to the collective imagination, making the look more pleasant and modern. And above all it avoids unhappy comparisons with aged brides, widows and decidedly grown up girls!

abito rosa e accessori neri

Style mistakes – the total black look

Do you want to dress in black from head to toe because you believe that this colour can hide any flaws? Let’s dispel this myth, my beautiful ladies! Black can age and highlight our worst flaws, including wrinkles and spots on the face, if it does not fall into the category of our friend colours (to find out which colours flatter your complexion, visit the blog page dedicated to the colour palette). Instead, once again rely on accessories. A brilliant necklace, a silk scarf with a beautiful colorful print, earrings that emphasize your eyes, small items that bring great results.

little black dress 23 Euros
little black dress, 23 Euros (it was 51 Euros) on Vestry online

Style mistakes – the too much attitude

Boho style, rock style, classic style, romantic style… how many are there! The labels to define a way of being and dressing, with attention to every detail, including accessories. The risk is to create a really excessive look, not suitable for women over 40ies who love to be recognized for their class and elegance. My advice is to adopt a mix and match strategy that blends together basic and rather neutral garments with those that are more representative of each style. Denim pants, a white blouse or a T-hirt, the classic blazer, the little black dress, all perfect pieces to soften excesses and balance every look. To wear with the gipsy skirt, the romantic organza dress, the biker jacket, your beloved summer shorts.

shorts e camicia bianca

Style mistakes – animal prints and fluo colours

Never before has this advice been more appropriate! I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of seeing beautiful women who seem, however, come out of the jungle! Someone also adds some fluo accessories! To come back down to earth and soften the desire of Africa, my suggestion is to direct the passion for the jungle towards accessories. How about a beige look from head to toe with animal print details sprouting from shoes, a bel t or a bag? Or a white shirt with some fluo tassels, combined with denim pants?

animalier print foulard by Guess, 45 Euros on La Redoute Fr
animalier print foulard by Guess, 45 Euros on La Redoute Fr

Style mistakes – the mini skirt and the shorts

There are those who believe that after 40ies legs must be covered. But in summer, beautiful and tapered legs can stay uncovered! Of course with grace and elegance and here I turn to, once again, the rule of proportions. A blazer, an elegant shirt, flat sandals, they all are the allies of the woman who is aware of her body, highlights her figure naturally and without ostentation.

sneaker e mnigonna

Style mistakes – uncovered shoulders and arms

One of the problems that afflicts many over 40ies women concerns the arm muscles that tend to loose tone and produce the bingo wings. Physical exercise helps, but the last-minute strategy drives you to half sleeve tops that help hide flabby skin. If among your faves there is the slip dress with thin shoulder straps, you could add a white t-shirt under it. Otherwise a light scarf wrapping your shoulders, for a more elegant result.

Guess sandals
Guess sandals 77,50 Euros (it was 155 Euros) on La Redoute Fr

Small tips that make the difference between the beautiful girl of the past to whom everything was allowed and the mature woman that you have become and who has refined tastes and style over time. Stay tune and have a good day, my dear ladies!


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