The short dress you won’t miss

Here we are, talking about the short dress when outside it’s really cold and we have already blown out 40 or 50 birthday candles. If you really believe that I’m exaggerating, think of the beautiful Sharon Stone, who began to shorten her dresses following the number of years. The short dress must belong to our closet, become part of those special garments that make us feel beautiful and attractive. On condition that it is a truly unique garment and also able to enhance our figure. Follow me, then, in my short tips’ list.

short dress, egg shape

Rule number one: no more than one or two showy items in your look

Let’s start with rule number one: pay attention to the number of conspicuous items in your look. One or two showy items should be the limit for not committing lack of class and style mistakes. So, if you choose the short dress, which is already showy, avoid tight and slim to fit styles, forget plunging necklines. Instead, orient yourself towards garments that slide well on your body without hugging, dresses with special necklines, like the bow tie and the boat neck, or with jewels embroidery, that is to say those details that enrich a simple dress and provide for the missing centimeters of fabric. Also, with regard to the length, limit yourself to a few inches above the knee.

Tights  and shoes with the short dress

The rule about the number of showy items applies to accessories too. So, given that this garment is already conspicuous, add more sober items to your look, such as opaque stockings and medium or block heel shoes, or sheer stockings with simpler shoes, like Mary Jane shoes with medium heel or pointed shoes with kitten heel. The concept is that short dress + stiletto heel + nude look really risks being too much!

The short dress’ styles for over 40ies

I adore pencil dresses and in my wardrobe they exist in different shades. But the right length of this garment that wraps around the body is on the knee or just above, if you want to be seen as a refined and classy woman. Avoid, after 40ies, the pencil dress that reaches just the mid-thigh. If you really want a shorter dress, orient yourself on larger styles, such as the A-shaped dress, the flared type, the egg cut dress.

The short dress for every body type

The pear woman is perfect with the A-shaped style, the apple woman can go for the short straight dress that allows her to highlight her slim and tapered legs and she can pair this garment with a shawl collar cardigan. The lean column woman can have fun with the pencil style or, in case she needs some more feminine curves she can go for the egg shape dress, while the hourglass woman is perfect with the tie waist dress, knee-length.

Enjoy the weekend, dear readers!
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