The shirt dress and how to wear it to flatter your body type

The shirt dress is one of those garments more suitable in middle seasons, to buy now during the summer sales and to wear later, in autumn. In my book The Sustainable Fashionista, I should have listed it among the 15 essentials for a wardrobe – which would have gone up to 16 – so today, I have one more reason to talk about it and show you that there is a shirt dress right for every body type.

shirt dress

One of the advantages of the shirt dress is its versatility. You can wear it buttoned and tight at the waist from a belt with a designer logo, combined with shoes and bag, for a simple and classic look, so chic and suitable for the different occasions of the day. Or, instead of the jacket, you can wear it like a kimono, open to let a glimpse of a casual look, like the one composed of shorts and T-shirts that immediately rises by a tone and becomes more lovely. The shirt dress adds style and elegance to beach outfits, paired with super flat slippers or high wedges, a bag to contain what you need to relax in front of the sea. And it can also turn into an unusual and gorgeous beach cover.

In this post, I will show you how to wear a shirt dress to enhance your body shape and embellish it with the right accessories. And by making this simple and vaguely masculine dress more feminine and joyful.

The shirt dress for the lean column body shape

shirt dress for the lean column body shape

The woman with the lean column shape can wear the shirt dress in so many ways to make her linear traits softer and feminine. Over the graphic T-shirt and shorts combo, for example, open like a long cardi. Or closed and with a belt at the waist that draws a more harmonious and feminine body. The oversize long shirt is appreciated for being very comfortable and is generally more suitable for thin physiques who do not fear the extra size given by oversized garments. It can be embellished with long necklaces, bracelets, coloured sandals or sneakers.

Tips for the apple-shaped body

shirt dress, tank top and jeans

The apple-shaped body has slender legs to show off with slip dresses and a shirt dress worn instead of the cardigan. In this way, the vertical lines of the shirt dress will help to slim the figure. To create contrast, she can choose the shirt dress of a colour different from that of the dress, on condition that they are well-matched or belong to the same colour family.

shirt dress and sleep dress

Tips for the inverted triangle body shape

The halter shirtdress seems designed for this kind of physique: broad shoulders do not need further details, and the full skirt enriches the bottom half of the body, creating proportion in the whole figure. Also, the classic shirt model is suitable for her too better if accompanied by a special belt with the designer logo on the buckle.

Tips for the pear-shaped body

The shirt dress most suitable for this type of woman is the one that goes down flared or A-shaped. It widens towards the sides without hugging in the most critical points. The models in light fabrics can be worn buttoned and with a long necklace, whose vertical line helps to slim the figure. Even a thin belt can make a difference and give proportion and harmony to the body. Another alternative is the dress left open to glimpse the look under the shirt dress, squeezed at the waist by a belt. In this case, the horizontal lines of the two parts of the dress will produce an optical effect that helps to elongate the figure.

Tips for the hourglass body shape

abito camicia con accessori rossi

The hourglass body can emphasize her beautiful shapes with a belt that highlights the wasp waist, choosing among pencil styles and models with a full skirt. Sandals with high heels, matching bag and belt will embellish the look and make a difference.

Have you found a shirt dress that enhances your body shape? Now that you know what to look for, you can go shopping downtown or online! Enjoy it, my dear readers!

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