The secrets to wearing the denim blouse like a star

camicia di jeans come indossarla

Today I could be a little pretentious with my secrets to wearing the denim blouse and feeling at the top like a star! But I will be able to make up for it with the precious tips that turn your basic outfit into something special, using what you already have in your closet.

Pinterest, denim blouse and skirt
Pinterest, denim blouse and skirt

We are used to thinking of the jeans shirt as a piece of clothing for housework or leisure. But I assure you that it lends itself to the chicest outfits, thanks to those beautiful shades of blue that look good with everything. The secret lies in discovering the right combinations that take it up a notch towards elegance.

Over the years, I have understood the icing on the cake that makes a difference. So, take note of the following pieces of advice! First of all, remember to roll up the shirt sleeves when the temperatures allow it, then, insert chic or precious elements in the outfit, add a belt with a beautiful buckle that put together casual and elegant garments. And accessorize, accessorize with jewellery, a refined bag, high heels or gorgeous shoes.

I think now it is time to stop talking and writing and start showing you my secrets to wearing the denim blouse like a star, outfit after outfit.

Denim blouse for your office looks

denim blouse and elegant skirt

Have you ever thought about replacing the classic white shirt of the uniform with a jeans blouse? It is an effective solution if you want to appear well dressed according to the dress code and add your creativity and personality. Denim fabrics bring some light to the face and the skirt; the outfit stays clean and crisp, and at the same time, it is less formal.

Pinterest, denim blouse and elegant trousers
Pinterest, denim blouse and elegant trousers

What do you think about pairing the denim blouse with formal trousers? The outfit will be just perfect for parties and free time, above all, if you complete it with some shiny accessories, like the ones in the following photo.

denim blouse for the chic and casual look

Denim blouse and elegant skirt

Pinterest, denim blouse and elegant skirt
Pinterest, denim blouse and elegant skirt

Silk, tulle, sequins, printed skirts: these choices are always winning. To combine two such different garments – the casual shirt and the chic skirt – use the designer belt with the logo imprinted on the buckle or embellished with shiny stones.

denim blouse and pink accessories

The double denim look

Double denim looks triumph on fashion catwalks. For a chicer result, choose it in dark blue for both the shirt and the jeans, otherwise, for a more casual outfit, you can orient yourself towards the light blue shirt. After 40, it is always good to add accessories and complete the look with precious and classy items. You might think of an elegant jacket or a cashmere cardigan. As for me, I have chosen a suede coat in a terrific cognac colour, a pre-loved garment that was given to me several years ago. It is my vintage and sustainable solution that I have refreshed with the belt with the golden metal buckle.

Do you like the double denim look with the denim skirt? I adore it! Choose the style that best flatters your shapes, add statement jewellery, heeled shoes or flat pointed shoes combined with the colour of the belt. The look will be casual but effortlessly chic.

denim blouse and statement accessories

Indulge yourself in finding other combinations with the denim shirt and the hidden treasures of your closet, considering these simple tricks! You will have the opportunity to experiment with new outfits, save money by adopting more sustainable behaviours. Have a great day, dear readers!

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