The power of women’s accessories

borsa patrizia pepe e accessori neri

Small women’s accessories, like buttons, buckles and also some pearls… small items that have accompanied me since my childhood, when I used to look at my grandmother working with her Singer sewing machine, moving the pedal to sew clothes and coats for the whole younger family members. But especially for me, until then the only female presence among the children and grandchildren of a patriarchal family with a huge presence of male figures. And those buttons were really unique. In mother-of-pearl, some covered with precious brocades’ fabrics. So special to be removed from dismissed clothes and used again on other new items. My mother still keeps them in a tin box, the one which I sometimes rummage into and which leads me through memories to my childhood.

I’ve always loved details, maybe since then, on which I focus with the same immediacy of a camera. It’s a part of me. When I look at an outfit I cannot help but notice the style of the shoes, the kind of fabric of the bag, the pattern of the dress. I focus on accessories and details that can make the simpler outfit stand out and give vent to one’s personal style. And as the years go by these small but precious items get more and more importance, following the opposite rhythm of my clothing choices, which have become, through the years, simpler and more classic.


white blouse, denim and elegant black accessories
white blouse, denim and elegant black accessories

After 40, women’s accessories are the irreplaceable allies that can change anonymous and basic garments. From the vintage brooch to the heeled shoes, from the printed belt to the special bag. The choice is really wide, but among the objects that must not miss in your closet, my dear readers, some are really indispensable. First of all the silk scarf, especially for those who are, like me, sensitive to the cold, that must be chosen with a flowered pattern and according to the most suitable shades for the complexion. It is the right item to wear in cooler spring evenings, with sports and classic outfits, but also with glam and trendy solutions, if you tie it in a special way.

And what about wide frame sunglasses, with a bit of rétro style? Or cat-eye style frames which are perfect for those who have an oval face shape?  Just to give you an idea, I can cite two unforgettable women, Jackeline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, timeless style icons, often immortalized with these types of sunglasses. The must-have list dedicated to women’s accessories go on with the small shoulder bag, the one with the golden chain, whose style was launched, for the first time by Chanel. It is the classic bag for elegant outfits, from ceremonies to party events or simply for an evening out with some friends, or even as I use it, to add a touch of style to everyday’s looks. Last but not least, the showy jewel. This spring will be a triumph of large and colourful earrings. For those who love this piece of jewel, remember that the rule of elegance and good taste requires at most two different types of jewelry to wear together, especially if they are showy, which means that you can put on earrings with a ring or a necklace, on condition that they match in colours and style.

In order to get you the idea on how women’s accessories can change your outfits I’ve selected two basic looks, one formed by a white blouse and denim trousers, the other one characterized by the little black dress.

Can you see how the outfit get personality and style with the right accessories?

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