The pink outfit makes the sun come out

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Do you like the pink outfit? Talking about it, when the Spring fashion speaks aloud about strong shades of purple, orange and red, well, it seems to be out of place. But in this blog it’s up to me what to speak about… and to tell the truth all those shocking colours are not good on me. And there are other reasons about preferring pink. The first is essentially linked to the fact that I like the pink outfit, based on such a delicate and elegant colour, which flatters my skin tone and which has a right tonality for any complexions. The second comes from the awareness that dressing in neon colours is almost impossible. Think of the effect of purple or of orange on some complexions. Unbearable. It can make flaws even more evident. So, free way to soft colours and stop to shocking colours only for accessories. However, I must admit that this Spring fashion has not disdained softer shades of pink at all, it has only put them in the background, while pink shocking or fuchsia colours are dominating on the catwalks, which are perfect for the Winter type complexion.

pink sweater with lace
pink sweater with lace

And for all the other types of women? Here I am, my dear readers, ready to help you! Fashion apart, pink remains one of the colours that communicates elegance, reason why over 40 women must find their right shade of pink, especially if they look for a classy colour to replace the usual black. Among the various nuances of pink, blush pink and peach are right for those who have a clear complexion like the Spring woman, while deeper colours like salmon and coral are good friends for the Autumn type. The Summer woman should prefer the cooler shades of pink, including soft fuchsia and icy pink. The pastel shades are perfect on clear complexions: Spring woman should go for warm pastel pink, while the Summer can opt for cool pastel pink. (At the dedicated page of the blog, mote details about the right colour palette).

And how to wear the pink oufit after 40? Can you think of a total pink outfit from head to toe? Dear friends, absolutely not! To avoid the candy effect or the grown up doll, the pink look should be designed for the elegant lady. Around the web I’ve seen so many total pink looks on beautiful ladies over 40 and 50, but the result, in my opinion, was striking and cloying. Women don’t have to attract attention like the Queen of England who must always be recognizable by her guards. They must adopt a more sober attitude towards colours. Which, put into practice, means wearing the pink dress with accessories of contrasting colours, or matching the pink blouse or the small shirt with skirts and trousers in a decidedly darker colour. Surely, we will be noticed, but for the class and the good taste.

I’ve chosen two of my favourite pink outfits. One is casual and adds a touch of glam to the denim, the other is elegant and right for special occasions.


Do you like them? Are you ready to wear pink outfits?


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