How to dress up when leaving for a summer holiday

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How to dress up when leaving for a summer holiday.

Your suitcases are ready but you still haven’t found your holiday outfit to wear during your long travel? Do you travel by plane, ship or car? And it’s terribly hot outside, as it happened to me some days ago (August 2017! One of the hottest months in the last years!). First rule: don’t give up on your femininity and remember that there are clothes that can be practical and feminine at the same time. This year I opted for a blue and white outfit, composed of a white t shirt, a jeans skirt knee-length, coloured flat sandals, my beautiful Prada glasses, my favourite Liu Jo clutch bag, perfect for daywear, with blue and white stripes.

Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking… I can wear this holiday outfit because I’ve a lean column shape and I can wear many and many outfits. But please listen to me. There are many types of jeans skirts that suit every body shape best. For those who have a a lean column shape like me, characterised by long legs, a low waist skirt is right. If you have a defined waist, which I do not have, opt for a high-waist skirt, plain fronted and with side zip, in case you have a very feminine body with curves in the right place.

The white t-shirt is a must have for the summer. I have chosen something simple, with a floral print in the middle. But if you have a large breasts, choose a total white t-shirt with no V-necks. Regardless of any type of shape, there’s a general rule that cannot be forget by anyone.

Choose a short-sleeved t-shirt not a sleeveless shirt! Even though it’s so hot!

And if you want to add some height, choose comfortable sandals with a little platform. For daywear they go fine. With this kind of outfits I like sandals with a cork platform, which well matches the jeans skirt.


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