The party looks to keep you warm in style

Party looks! Do you remember when, at the age of 20, you used to go out to dance, wearing only one of your beautiful party looks, with lightweight clothes and sparkling accessories, despite the polar temperatures? A short and fitted coat was the extra item to get rid of as soon as you reached the coatroom, just before crossing the magic dancing floor. But now, party looks in Winter wouldn’t even cross your mind, and those special dresses are lying buried under a thousand sweaters, in your closet, because you are waiting to wear them again in mid-August. My dear readers, please don’t surrender to the cold! There are some strategies we should speak about, follow me!

Lightweight top and faux leather trousers

Do you like this combo? Do you know that there are faux leather trousers with a light lining to protect you from the cold? They are really warm and special, to look cute when it’s freezing cold out. They seem designed for me and add that unique touch of personality to the classic silk shirt. To complete the outfit, go for a cardigan with a special pattern, or a boucle coat and last but not least the heels! For your evening out, together with someone who will not get bored.

Cuissard boots and short dress

The short dress in Winter is a must for your special evenings, especially if you pair it with cuissard boots, the boots that wrap the leg up to above the knee and often produce the “Wow” effect. For this reason, I prefer them in flat styles and not with heels. As I’ve already spoken about in one of my previous posts, when you wear showy items together and do not want to commit lack of class and style mistakes, you should balance the whole outfit, as I’ve done with the following look. I hope you like it and find some hints to look for special bargain in downtown now, during Winter sales and buy the cuissard boots without paying too much.

Floral sweater and tulle dress

Do you remember your beloved tulle dress that you wear on Summer days? Yes, it’s time to take it out for a special dinner, to wear, however, with a wide and special sweater, with a floral pattern that contains the colours of your dress. It’s a perfect “antifreeze” look, comfortable and chic. Have a go, with combat or Texan boots.

Shawl or cape?

One of the most fantastic trends for Winter. For me, it’s better to invest more in a special shawl or a cape, because they are the items that make every outfit.  Depending on the fabric and on the pattern, they can elevate basic clothes and are real essential for layering styles. Don’t you want to believe me? Well, then try to imagine the look that follows without the beautiful fringed silk shawl.

 Jeans or leggings and short dress

Layers, layers, layers! This is the secret to dressing up in Winter with elegance! Wear the short tulle dress with your beloved jeans or a with pair of leggings. Perfect for the over 40 woman who dresses gracefully and does not need to bare her body. To complete the outfit, go for accessories, playing on the same basic colours of your dress’ pattern. How strong and special is the  personality that emerges from this look!


Have fun, dear readers and let me know what strategy you have adopted for your evenings out!

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