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What a bore wearing the same uniform every day! I could not do it, I would get depressed. When I think of uniforms, except for that of Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman and that of Tom Cruise in Topgun, I imagine a big black-tinted brush that overwhelms me from head to toe, sticking me on the asphalt. But some of you may believe that uniforms are a good solution to the daily question “What I can wear today?”. Anyway, dear readers, admit at least that uniforms can stifle your personality. So here I come, for uniform lovers to upset their life with a bit of freshness and joy, for those who are in the bad mood every morning before going to work to find the smile they have lost! With gorgeous must have items!

The must have for the two piece suit, jacket and trousers or skirt

I’ve already talked about the office look a few months ago. But since November has started to bring lower temperatures, I’ve decided to speak about more suitable outfits. And I’m beginning from those who cannot do without the two piece suit, with jacket and trousers or skirt in the same fabric and colour. The only solution you have is that of must have accessories but it includes a vast range of really special items. The scarf in silk and cashmere, the long necklace with coloured stones, the medium heel boots or the T strap shoes. And of course the bright colour of your top, coming out from the dark jacket. It could be bright blue, fuchsia, or yellow lemon, it will drive you into the amazing and super coloured Autumn vibes and trends. Don’t you think your outfit changes completely?

The blazer

The must have par excellence, when it comes to work clothing. It ‘s the item that helps you with many outfits, which completes them, just when you never know what to wear. And if it’s made in a special fabric, it takes very little to create an elegant look, formal to the right point. Denim trousers acquire dignity with the blazer, becoming the classic outfit of the creative person.

The Prince of Wales trousers

It’s all the rage this Fall, so do not miss the chance to wear it at work. For those who are lucky enough to work in not strictly formal environments, choose the trousers that have coloured stripes inside the traditional pattern. And go for top in the same colour. I will say “bingo!” if you wear also pointed shoes in the same shade. For an elegant outfit with a touch of personality that will make you unique.


The must have accessory par excellence

Do you want to add something special to your outfit? The most feminine accessory ever? The bag, the most desired item by every woman on the planet. There is always one missing in the closet, not to mention in mine! However, what really should never be missing is a bag with a squared and rigid shape, in the classic black or beige colours, the one you will use on many formal occasions and which will never go out of fashion. Large enough to contain not only your laptop and essential items, but also those useful things you need when you stay away from home for many hours. A really must have!


And you, do you already know what to wear next Monday? Take advantage of my advice and remember that if you need to buy a must have Black Friday is near!

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