The must have items you won’t miss during Winter sales

To all the women who, like me, are so fond of fashionable clothes, the old woman called Befana is certainly nicer than Santa Claus. Female solidarity aside, the Befana, who is so loved by all the children, always flies on her broom during the night of the 6th of January to bring candies and toys to the little ones, on the same day when in Italy the winter sales begin, for the joy of many women who are waiting for special bargains and the despair of some partners, who still do not understand how good is mothers’ and wives’ personal shopping for the whole family’s serenity.

Fortunately, in my home, the Befana is welcome, reason why I have already eyed up interesting clothing items. My wish list is quite endless and I think for some of you it will be the same, therefore, let’s try to establish a budget and a priority by underlining the really important items first, if we really want to continue to maintain harmony at home! At the top of the list put the garments that outlive the trends of the moment, the must-have items that will be used in the future Winter seasons too. And for those who still do not have clear ideas, here is my list of must have items to buy on sale.


The fair isles sweater

Among the many sweaters that are on fashion this year, I’ve chosen the fair isles one, a kind of classic items for Winter, I would say, and with special patterns like the one knitted on the sweater I received for Xmas from my hubby. Wear it with elegant clothes, like I usually do, mix and match sporty and classic items, two styles so different that are tied together by the same shades of colours for a very balanced look. The fair isles sweater and the pencil skirt is perfect on lean column body shapes, but go for the A shaped skirt or the flared one if you have large hips, otherwise choose elegant trousers with side zips and without pockets.

The camel colour coat

It is the clothing item on which it is really worth investing, especially this year that it was the protagonist of the winter catwalks. This year’s fashion has introduced large styles that seem to be taken from the our husband’s wardrobe, but so cosy and comfy, which fits almost every woman. Those who have a hourglass body shape must not despair, this is also the year of the belt on the coat and of the wrap style which is so special for you if you have a short waist. And for those with a rather round body in the belly area, there’s a solution too among those coats in darker colours, A-lines or cardigan styles.

The Texan boots

They have come back strongly on the catwalk, for my joy, since I have them in more colours and styles. Moreover, they are so easy to wear, the heel is wide and stable, ideal if you have to spend long hours away from home. The most versatile kind of boots is cut at the ankle and can be worn with denim bootcut pants and an elegant shaped jacket, but also with the wide flared skirt, mid-calf length and the fitted sweater that highlights the feminine shapes. If you choose them in suede and in light brown colour, you will use them even in Spring.

The animal print scarf

When I speak about the animal print I cannot think of my dear friend R. who doesn’t like it and to all the many times I’ve told her that sooner or later she would surrender to this special pattern’s charm! Just think about the denim outfit, or the total black look, or the anonymous white shirt paired with a gorgeous leo print scarf in silk. Simply amazing! How a simple accessory can make the whole outfit!

Have a special day, dear readers! Have a stroll in downtown, enjoy yourselves and tell me what you have found!

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