The long skirt is a must have item in your Summer wardrobe

(Photo by Artem Bali from Pexel) With these days’ hot temperature I cannot help but speak about a very feminine clothing item like the long skirt. I’m addressing, above all, to those who cannot but help wear pants, those who keep on thinking that the skirt is not suitable for them. But it’s not true, my dear readers! The long skirt is a garment that fits almost all types of body shapes, provided that some tips are followed. And today I will start from those who have a pear-shaped body, with large hips and thighs, those who are often convinced that they can hide inside a pair of trousers. Nothing could be more wrong! The long skirt is perfect, because it highlights your short waist. And it slips well on the body without hugging, above all if you choose a flared or a panelled skirt in a light fabric. So, leave your pants and try wearing a long skirt, check yourself in the mirror, pay attention to the first thing that catches your eyes. Surely your smile, when you appreciate the reflected image of your femininity, certainly not the flaws! Also the woman with the hourglass body shape can choose this garment that enhances the wasp waist – lucky her – especially if paired with tops with a shaped waistline. For those who have, instead, a column-shaped body, the long skirt further highlights the beautiful long legs, and gives elegance and grace to the whole figure.

But which style is right for each body shape? Indeed, the choice is really wide… How many different long skirts have you seen this Spring on the catwalks? Pleated or straight, flared or with flounces, bias cut, which is the one I prefer because it almost fits any bodies. In general, pleats and flounces are more suitable for slender bodies, while bias cuts and flared skirts fit well even the most curvy bodies.

The pattern of the long skirt is another feature that must be considered according to every physiques. The medium sized floral prints is always excellent for everyone. Another good advice invites to choose the size of the prints according to the height to avoid falls in style. Imagine a very tall woman that wears a long skirt with microscopic flowers! And I would also like to remind you that elegance and class often go hand in hand with patterns hat are not too showy or gaudy. I particularly like the paisley patterns, the pastel colours, the neutral shades of the colours that remind of a sandy beach, perfect with white, one of the freshest and most popular colours for the Summer.

The length of the skirt should always be related to the person who wears it, which means that the minute body should be oriented towards lengths that reach and cover the feet, wear sandals with high heels and opt for a garment in the same shade of the top. That’s because different blocks of colours contribute further to break and shorten the figure. If instead you are tall, the opposite rule applies. Play with different colours’ blocks between the upper and the lower part of your body. You can go also for medium-length skirts, those that end just below the knee, provided that you do not have the calves like those of a soccer player! And get the final special touch with a pair of flat sandals, in a perfect boho style, so on fashion for beautiful Summer days.

Enjoy yourself, my dear readers!


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