The long cardigan, why you can’t do without it


I can see that since about two months ago, I have been often wearing a long cardigan or a duster sweater. Which is also the reason why I have dediced to speak about this topic with you today. Indeed, it happens that with the mid-seasons getting longer and the weather changing so quickly within a day, these garments are certainly becoming part of our must-haves.

long cardigan with soft shimmering threads, on Amazon from Euros 20,90
long cardigan with soft shimmering threads, on Amazon from Euros 20,90

It comes to my mind the time when I was in London to study for my graduation thesis. I used to get out with my umbrella open and covered with layers of clothes, then took the metro and when I came back to the surface at Tottenham Court Road station there was often a bright sun to greet me. And I greeted him happily, remaining, then, only with a light fancy dress.

It is true that for some years now, we too, in our own countries, have been getting used to this bizarre climate. The duster or the long cardigan get perfectly into the outfits of these strange seasons, especially when the temperature drops. And they make it possible to keep on wearing the colorful and light clothes of the summer. Moreover, beyond the comfort and softness of the fabrics, the right garment can give our look a decisive and trendy touch that meets the style and personality of many women.

But how to wear the long cardigan and the duster sweater?

These two items are extremely versatile, but also risky. Indeed, if combined with wrong clothes they can make us look awkward and larger. Some basic tips, however, will surely make the difference. Begin by wearing tight-fitting garments, from the classic pencil dress, to skinny jeans, or to the simple T-shirt for a more casual result. In the creation of a layered look, it is necessary to pay attention to the different weights and shapes of the clothes. The wool cardigan is definitely the heaviest and most voluminous piece of any outfit, so opt for something lighter in the first layer in contact with your skin.

Also, abandon the idea of the ​​monochromatic look in the duster-dress combo, if you are a little overweight and consider ​​a fancy dress. It is a decidedly more lovely alternative, if worn with an unbuttoned cardigan that helps to slim the figure, thanks to the vertical lines on the front. Regarding the colour of your pretty coat, the rule invites you to wear the one in a plain colour that is also among the shades of your dress pattern. For an elegant and classy result.

Long cardigan and short dress, for an elegant and romantic style

I like layering in these autumn months. I can keep on wearing my lovely light dresses, short or knee-length, under a cosy wool cardigan and I do not need anything else. It’s a kind of combo that brings cosiness and elegance at the same. And femininity. To complete the look I generally go for Western ankle boots, in the same colour of the cardigan for a more elegant mix.

abito a fiori e cardigan nero

Long cardigan and skinny denim pants, for a casual chic style

Denim pants and a T-shirt, the classic casual look that becomes more refined when paired with elegant ankle heel boots. Dulcis in fundo the duster sweater or the long cardigan, which elevates the look and make it more chic. Perfect to go to work, but also to meet your friends for a coffee and a chat that never hurts!

Have a good day, dear readers! Enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn, but wrapped inside a warm long cardigan!


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