The little black dress

I’m writing in favour of the little black dress, a dress in a colour that does not match my complexion at all. But I must do it, it’s true! Everyone should have a little black dress in the closet. Even a spring type like me providing that I adopt some tricks … but I’ll tell you later, some lines further. Well … I was saying that it is compulsory to have at least a black dress in the closet and I do not mean that it can be useful for some religious functions (hopefully not) but in certain situations you cannot do without it.

That kind of situations happened to me few months ago. It was a very busy day, all day at work, then I had to go to school to talk with my son’s teachers and when I got out of school, I was so tired that I only wanted to come back home, relax with the whole family in front of the tv and in front of a large pizza because I couldn’t even cook an egg, but that day, right after the conversation with the teachers, I had to take part to the dinner my husband had with his colleagues and their wives. So that fateful day I got up at 6 o’clock, had a nice breakfast, arranged some things at home and jumped into my little black dress that I wore, like Cinderella, till midnight. Ok, wait a moment! Do not rush hasty conclusions! Let me tell you at least how I wore it! So many hours out from home, without taking a shower before dinner! I confess… I was longing for a shower, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have time. But I always have some wet wipes in my bag.

So I studied a strategy to face the different tasks. For the work outfit I matched the black dress with my pink Chanel jacket, and here comes one of the tricks above mentioned, that it’s to say that  the spring woman can use black, provided that she wears something in warm and clear colours near the face, otherwise the black would emphasize wrinkles and flaws. I completed the look with my black Mary Jane shoes, which are very flat, I didn’t wear stockings, and I took my Boston Bag, which is black and beige and also very spacious to keep the many items I needed for the whole day. This outfit, which is very formal, was also perfect for the conversation with my son’s teachers and it also brought me good luck! When I left the school it was about 7:30 pm. I got into the car, replaced the flat shoes with my gold high heel sandals, wore the pink leather nail jacket, replaced the Boston Bag with the golden and spotted clutch, refreshed the makeup, started the engine of my Panda car “in the dark blue painted in darker blue” and got to destination where my husband was already waiting for me.

I’m very lucky, I must admit it. Not for the little black dress which is so versatile and can solve the problem of how to dress in many situations. At home, with the kids, there were my parents, who took care of them, provided dinner and everything they needed. Without them I couldn’t have done anything! Thank you Mum!

little black dress and cardigan
little black dress and cardigan
little black dress and jacket
little black dress and jacket

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