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How many jumpsuits have I seen recently! It seems that last Winter trend is still on fashion. Probably this garment will soon conquer even a place in our Spring wardrobe too. I’m really getting used to the idea and I’m willing to buy a jumpsuit soon, elegant and casual at the same time, just like the style that I feel most.

Looking at the many outfits in the shop windows of downtown, I have discovered that the jumpsuit can be an interesting garment also for over 40 women. There are so many styles for every body shapes, leaving out, for obvious reasons, the super tight one worn by Eva Kant and Diabolik! The main reason I started to consider the jumpsuit again, after a long break of about 20 years, is that this kind of clothing is so versatile. Indeed, it’s not only related to free time and casualwear; with the right accessories it really changes and becomes elegant and classy for all the more formal occasions.

The many advantages of the jumpsuit

Try to imagine a solid color jumpsuit. What does your eye can see first? Surely the centimeters you gain in height! A monochromatic look is ideal for petite women who can also add heeled shoes in the same colour, which help to slim and lengthen the figure even more. The wrap style jumpsuit, the one that highlights the waist, is perfect for the hourglass woman, because it enhances all her femininity. For those with a rather large belly area, the most important rule consists in opting for soft fabric garments, which slip well on the body without hugging the hips, thus choosing the A shaped style from the breast till the hips and with straight leg pants. This look can be completed with a cardigan that should be worn unbottoned: the vertical lines help to lengthen the figure and balance the proportions. Last tip before moving on to the outfits I’ve chosen for you. Pay attention to prints, remember that the jumpsuit dresses from head to toe, so you could find yourself wrapped inside meters of fabrics that replicate flowers, stripes, polka dots infinitely, producing the pyjamas effect!

The elegant jumpsuit for daytime

Do you have an important appointment in the afternoon? Do you want to attend it wearing denim pants and a T-shirt? Not at all my friends! A chic but not too formal look before sunset can be achieved with a jumpsuit. A special outfit with a great colour combination – red and beige – might do the trick. The trousers are high waisted, so suitable for those who have the lower part of the body shorter than the upper part, because they help to rebalance the proportions. Medium heel sandals are perfect for the day, so comfortable and stable, the transparent material of this pair is one of this season’s fashion trends. A designer bag completes the look, taking up the nuances of the whole set.

 The elegant jumpsuit for the evening

Total black look for the evening, but also shiny accessories to be always at the top. Beige and black colours are really the ideal combination for the woman who is looking for an elegant and refined look. Moreover, this jumpsuit glides softly over the body, without hugging. This style is perfect for all types of body shapes. It should be avoided, however, if you are too thin, because it could emphasize this feature even more.

The casual and chic jumpsuit for your free time

A beautiful bright colour for a less formal but always stylish look, suitable for the over 40 woman who does not forget class even when she decides to wear a pair of sneakers. The accessories, therefore, become very important, the jewels are showy and unique for their colour in tune with the wonderful bag that has such an original print. The bow belt, truly romantic and feminine, shapes the body, highlighting it with grace and elegance. To be avoided, however, if you have an apple figure.

The jumpsuit for the hottest days

Sooner or later hot days will come! And then, in order to be always fashionable even under the sun, the ideal solution is the short jumpsuit I have chosen for you, in a beautiful military green shade that gives the best if combined with light colours, like coral pink, the pantone colour of this year. This style is also suitable for the apple woman, because it enhances her thin legs. In addition, having a quite large belly area, the straight shape of this garment is just perfect for her because it slides well without hugging.

 The beautiful jumpsuits I have found on Amazon

At my dedicated page on Amazon, Yourstyleover40 on Amazon you will find information and combinations of beautiful jumpsuits and sandals at very special prices. Enjoy the reading!

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