The jumpers that can change your outfits

When you speak about jumpers and sweaters you immediately think of a pair of jeans, or a tracksuit. But it is not always the case and the catwalks have often shown jumper outfits to wear with ease day and night. It happens therefore to see them combined with elegant trousers, silk dresses, solutions that break the rules and lead to a thousand interpretations.

Mix and match, break the rule of elegance, create new ideas…. It’s so easy to say, but it’s very difficult to put into practice and without the right hints the risk of creating real disasters is very high. Don’t worry! In this page I collected my posts in which jumpers and cardigans are the protagonists of winter outfits. And I hope you’ll find something right for you!. Enjoy the reading!


How to wear a jumper with elegance and style

grey sweater and pencil skirt
Grey sweater and pencil skirt

I like spending time to talk about the jumper, above all because I feel cold all the time… I’m the one who has frozen hands in Summer too – my husband can confirm it – so I’ve decided to give praise to this item notoriously confined to sports and casual clothing and to elevate it to the world of elegance. For this reason I believe I will have energy enough to get up from the couch where the flu has been confining me for a few days. “But stay on that couch! We have learnt enough and we can do without your precious advice!” How can I believe you? Maybe you are already squandering your thirteenth salary in pursuit of who knows what kind of jumper,  just because there are sales everywhere! I cannot bear this burden … think of you buying clothes compulsively, without rules …. Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


How to change the destiny of a dull sweater

golfino e accessori
How to give a touch of style to a dull sweater

My closet is full of close-fitting sweaters, turtlenecks and pullovers, so drab and dull, plain colour and straight pattern. But how can I do? It’s a sad equation that of dress code + winter weather = impersonal and dark garments but warm and comfortable under a jacket. But I do not like Maths and I generally fix the counting according to my mood, otherwise I become blue. Keep on reading at the dedicated page.



The new year’s eve outfit, to start 2018 in the best way

abito bianco
New Year’s eve outfit

What you do the first hour of the New Year will be what you do most of the year. My dear and beautiful readers, I’m not wishing you the worst and between these lines, you should find my good wish to find the perfect New year’s eve outfit, the one that will lead you in 2018 with style and elegance. I’ve just started wandering, following dreams and memories going so fast that I cannot keep pace with them. … Keep on reading at the dedicated page.




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