The guide to wear shorts after 40


Shorts … I thought a while before deciding whether or not I should write a post on this subject. I was torn about until the last minute, after reading many web pages that include the shorts in the black list of the clothing items to avoid after 40. But I like challenges, so I decided, going a bit against the current, that the shorts can become part of our Summer wardrobe. And I would say that, if you take care of some tips, they can be worn to create special and unique outfits, thanks to that touch of freshness that makes the look more modern.


I’m aware, however, that some of you are ready to say that the shorts are among the most used clothes by young girls. Which is true, my daughter too loves them. So, how, then, can we deal with that despicable comparison, of course to our disadvantage, with the very young legs? My dear readers, here stands the answer, in the class and style of over 40 women, the two special skills you have acquired over time and that lead you towards the choice of unique and special items. And if you apply them to the shorts, however practical and comfortable, you will orientate yourself towards lower thigh or upper thigh styles, made of more refined and softer fabrics, like silk or viscose. And if you really want to wear a pair of denim shorts, well, then you’d better buy those with the turn-up.

Another detail not to be missed, especially if you have quite large thighs and hips, is that of going for shorts made of middleweight fabrics: the problem stands in the fact that lighter fabrics tend to roll up and place themselves where you do not want. Alternatively, wide leg styles could be perfect for you. However, before any purchase, look at yourself in the mirror and choose those styles that do not have embellishment and details at those critical points.

That’s not all, dear readers. Let me introduce you to the tips about how to pair your shorts to create classy and glam outfits even if you start from an essentially casual and sporty garment:

  • choose plain-coloured shorts, go for classic colours, like white, blue or sand. You can pair them easily with the items you still have in your closet.
  • Always pair your shorts with elegant pieces, like blouses and  polo shirts. Or if you go for a top, choose something special and feminine, with decorations, rouches and bows, better if made of light fabrics.
  • Match them with shoes or flat sandals, or if you are minute, wear shoes with medium heels.
  • Enjoy yourself with accessories, make your look refined and precious. Often after 40, the look consisting of basic and simple items is associated with negligence. Add, therefore, the belt that shapes your figure, a statement necklace, a showy bracelet, a bag that matches the colours of your look.

And if everything is clear, well, then go and dive into a nice pair of shorts!

Happy weekend, dear friends!


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