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occhiali da sole

When I think of sunglasses I see the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in that timeless image taken from one of her most famous movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in which she wears large and enveloping sunglasses that have become a real cult object, a symbol of elegance and style. Oversized sunnies for a mysterious diva who wants to hide her gaze. The sunglasses we all want to wear.

But what are the most suitable sunglasses for our face? Yes, the question is important, especially when you are going to buy the perfect eyewear. You try many styles, you feel a bit disoriented and you risk buying just the ones you should avoid. It is good to remember that sunglasses cover your face, just like a dress with your body. And that the ideal frame is the one that gives harmony and rebalances the proportions. So, go for squared and rectangular styles if you have a decidedly round face, choose rounded frames if, on the contrary, your face is rather rectangular or squared. The oval face, fortunately, does not need to answer to this question: so perfect and regular, it needs only to follow tastes and personal styles.

I like oversized sunglasses, but how large must sunglasses be? This is also a good question, but it is difficult to give the answer right for everybody. In general, small sunglasses tend to disappear on large faces, while large glasses can further make minute faces look smaller. In addition, the nose’s shape is a feature not to be underestimated. Large noses look better with frames with wide and low bridges, on the contrary small noses should be framed into sunglasses with narrow and tall bridges.

occhiali a farfalla

And after these boring tips it’s time to speak about a more pleasant argument, that of the styles that drive us crazy!

Sunglasses – the different styles

Among the most appreciated sunglasses – who does not remember an amazing Tom Cruise in Top Gun? – the aviator or teardrop style is certainly very popular both among men and women, so versatile to be used for sports and casual looks, and also perfect to add a touch of vivacity to more formal outfits. The quite rounded shape of its frames is indicated to sweeten faces with more straight features like the rectangular face.

Cat eye and butterfly styles, these are the most suitable sunglasses for those who have a triangular face: indeed, the wide frame draws attention and produces the optical effect that contains and rebalances a wide forehead. The slightly rounded shape is suitable, in general, to all the angular faces, then also to the squared and rectangular ones. The only observation to be taken is to look in the mirror and check if the sunglasses can rebalance facial features. Particular attention should be paid to the rectangular face to notice if the eyewear does not further elongate the face. I love these sunnies, so elegant and enveloping, perfect on the face of women over 40. Very elegant and special styles, which give personality to any look.

Round frames are perfect on squared and rectangular faces, especially with large lenses that give sweetness and contrast the angular features of the face; on the contrary, squared frames are perfect on round faces. In addition, wider styles help to streamline the face, while small squared glasses tend to disappear in a round face with a wide forehead.


Sunglasses – The best colours for every face

Last but not least, the topic about the sunglasses’ colours. Choose those colours that best match your complexion, your eyes, the colour of the hair. If you are a winter type choose cool shades and strong colours. If you have the same colours of Nicole Kidman go for warm and bright colours. If you are a summer type choose cool and intense colours, but not too dark ones. If you are an autumn type the warm shades of the earth will enhance your features.

I’ve chosen some special sunnies from ShopStyle Collective, enjoy yourself!


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