The foulard, how to wear it without strangling yourself

foulard verde e nero

I love the foulard. I really go crazy about everything that wraps my neck … maybe you’ve already read it in one of my posts. It’s the touch of personality that signs the outfit. And I’m very sensitive to the cold. That’s why I need foulards and scarves… but also the countless colours and fabrics they are made of!!! It really seems that beauty has the upper hand over health. Who would have thought it?

Unfortunately, in my closet, there’s always one missing … the Perfect one. Maybe it’s hidden under the huge stack of its brothers, maybe I’ve not met it in any shop windows yet. But when I find it, I’ll have to be able to wear it with style. Yeah, but how do you wear a foulard? I hope you won’t think of turning it simply around your neck! To avoid any strangulation of style and instead to give the right respect to the features of that object of desire, including the unique printed design and the precious fabric it is made of, which drove you to squander a part of your salary, I thought I could share some useful tips with you.

How to choose the perfect foulard

  1. The fabric texture is very important. Knotted styles and bowties are more suitable with lightweight fabrics, like silk or mixed fabrics with silk, which do not create too much volume.
  2. If you have a large breast and a full bust, remember that wearing foulards and scarves can add volume, so go for lightweight fabrics, in the same shades of your top’s colours and avoid showy prints. Wear the foulard by wrapping it around your neck only once, with one end covering your back and the other one hanging down your bust: vertical lines tend to slimmer your body shape.
  3. Petite women should choose foulards that are not too long and go for knotted styles that cover the upper part of the bust.
  4. The simple knot around the neck is often used with small square foulards. It’s a classic style, often adopted by stewardesses. The first square foulard, the “carrè” was designed by the French Maison Hermes and it’s still today a synonym of elegance. If, instead, the foulard is rectangular it can be tied like a bow. I really like this kind of knot, it’s the female version of the male tie and adds a touch of personality to the classic shirt you wear to go to work. These types of knots are, however, to be avoided if you have a fairly wide neck.
  5. For special evenings go for fine and lightweight fabrics, while wool, cotton and viscose fabrics go well for the day.
  6. Pay attention to the colours of your foulard, which must flatter your complexion. When you wear colour under your face, the light reflects it upwards and can cast either flattering tones or dark shades, which means that good colours emphasize your eyes and hair, wrong colours highlight wrinkles and spots. For further information visit my blog page dedicated to your best colours.

My shopping tips from ShopStyle Collective on how to wear a beautiful green foulard:

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Now that you know how to find the perfect foulard watch Wendy’s video on how to wear it. Enjoy yourself!



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