The foulard, a must have for every season

foulard verde e nero

The foulard, a must have for every season.

I cannot say how many foulards I have in my closet, I could count and count them again and although the large result I still realize there’s a lack which leads me to find the reason to buy a new one. The reasons are many. The most important one is that I’m very sensitive to the cold, that’s why in my bag there’s always a foulard, large or small, printed or plain colour, even if outside the temperature is very hot. That’s because health problems increase naturally with age and my throat is my weak point, so after giving my explanation to feel less guilty for my desire of buying foulards in large quantities, I believe I’m allowed to satisfy my need that becomes more and more compulsive every time I go to a street market, or see the amazing shop window of Yuri, or every time I…. almost see a foulard that turns me on.

I must break another lance for my object of desire. It’s that kind of accessories that completely changes your outfit. Think about a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. A silk foulard, with a beautiful print, gives that touch of personality which is worth buying.

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