The footwear everyone will wear this Spring

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The week has been bad at work… difficulties in arguing with colleagues who always think they are right. So… let them believe it and as for me and you, my dear readers … well let’s dive into the fantastic world of footwear! I really need to unplug and what’s is more suitable than some nice images of coloured sandals, Forget me not shoes, I need you over everything else ankle boots! I must admit that I’m lucky because I have two wonderful children and that holy man of my husband, who together really hearten me when I come back from work! They are also among the most loyal fans of this blog and they appreciate the healthy effect that the blog has on my mood … It’s not that they are tired of hearing my complaints and suggest that I should spend more time writing posts instead of bothering them? Oh mamma mia! … let’s hope it’s not  like this! … but I’ve launched the topic, so I’ll talk about footwear. And don’t tell me that shoes do not interest and affect you !!

Did you follow February fashion weeks? The most amazing fashion shows on the planet with shoes that we all would like to wear without thinking about comfort and prices? Well, some styles were a bit excessive and bizarre. But I noticed some footwear really suitable for women over 40ies and I’m looking forward to showing them to you, my dear Cinderellas! And to give you my advice on how to find the right shoes for your feet and ankles.

Pointed décolletée and slingback shoes

I’ll start from the most feminine shoe, the timeless décolletée with thin heel or if you prefer a definitely more stable heel, with the Italian heel, slightly larger and straight. It’s a must we all should have in the closet, to show off every day, if you’re a good balancer, to wear on important occasions, for those like me, who cannot walk on high heels for more than two hours. This Spring trends have introduced on the catwalk the slingback shoes, also known under the surname of the stylist who first used them, Coco Chanel. It’s backless and very elegant. With the kitten heel that does not exceed 3.5 cm, slingback shoes are very comfortable and suitable for office outfits too.

Ankle boots and cowboy boots

Boots are generally the kind of footwear for autumn and winter. On the catwalks, however, stylists have presented boots with lighter fabrics and leather, more suitable for the next season, like the sock boots in pastel shades or tomato red, the lace and mesh ankle boots, right to stay in tune with higher temperatures. Another timeless kind of footwear for this Spring is the cowboy ankle boots, to wear, however, in the evening, with the classic denim trousers, or for those who really want to distinguish among the crowd, with a long and wide skirt in silk.


This super-sporty and super-comfortable kind of shoes has become a must on fashion runways. It has been enriched with precious fabrics and decorations to such an extent that only the rubber sole, also revisited in colours and materials, remains of the sports shoe. This Spring we will see all kinds, coloured, with lace and mesh, embroidered, all still comfortable and with such a personality that can tackle even the most elegant look.

Some tips for those who have large ankles:

  • Go for high heels, stiletto or Italian heels, which elongate your figure. But if you have very muscular legs, opt for larger high heels.
  • Slingback shoes, being backless, will make your legs appear longer.
  • Ankle strap shoes are not for you, so leave them to those who have perfect ankles. Eventually, if you really love buckles and straps, go for Mary Jane style with heels, that is to say the shoes with the T shape strap on the instep.
  • Footwear with details in the front draw attention to your feet and look away from the ankles.


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