The floral blouse you will wear all year round

blusa a fiori

Have you ever wanted to stop time for a while to keep on breathing those special summer vibes? To me, It has been happening every single day since the middle of August, as soon as I clearly perceived how the days were inexorably shortening and those afternoons closed into the office were moving really closer to me.

But clothing items that belong to summer and warm up with those special related memories can make a big difference. A beautiful floral blouse always puts you in a good mood, with those colours that bring light to your face, inspire smiles and make your scheduled time going by easier.

floral blouse 16,99 Euros, on Amazon website
floral blouse 16,99 Euros, on Amazon website

Follow me then, to find out how to wear the floral blouse even under a dark and rainy sky, or submerged by papers and deadlines, always, however, surrounded by good vibes.

The floral blouse for leisure time

There are many ways to wear a floral shirt and this piece of clothing is so in tune with my love for mixing styles, especially when fine fabrics make the difference. Chiffon, silk, viscose, all perfect choices that bring the most casual look to another level. For your free time you can keep on wearing your gorgeous shirt with summer shorts and then replace them with the beloved denim pants on cooler days. Don’t you think the result is really more refined?

il kimono


The floral blouse for summer evenings

I like to wear it as if it was a kimono, unbuttoned, worn over a tank top or a simple white T-shirt and with a pair of denim pants. It’s an alternative to the usual jacket for your informal evenings, when you want to go out in sweet company and wander around to discover the best touristic destinations.

floral blouse, seen on Pinterest
floral blouse, seen on Pinterest

The floral blouse for the office look

For your work uniforms the floral shirt becomes an indispensable garment and can refresh dark and formal suits. However, remember to wear it tucked into your skirt or trousers, as required by the dress code, for a clean and tidy result.

floral blouse for the office look
floral blouse for the office look, seen on Pinterest

The floral blouse in every season

Your item purchased in full summer can also be worn in winter, practically all year round! I like it under the warm sweater, both for the softness of the fabric on the skin, and for that beautiful flowery hem that comes out and immediately brings joy. Combined with pencil or palazzo trousers, it adds a touch of femininity that never misses a shot. A silk floral shirt is also perfect with large sweaters, because it does not add volume, on the contrary, it gives lightness to the look. And with the pleated skirt makes the look so romantic and British style.

floral blouse and sweater
floral blouse and sweater, seen on Pinterest

So, how about classifying the flowery shirt among our must haves? I’ve already done it!

floral blouse in viscose fabric and in different patterns 14,20 Euros, on Amazon website
floral blouse in viscose fabric and in different patterns 14,20 Euros, on Amazon website

For this reason I have searched on the web and found out some nice blouses. I hope you like them! See you soon, dear readers!

Some lovely blouses from ShopstyleCollective website:

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