The faux fur coat, warm, beautiful, unique!

The faux fur coat… It has been on my wish list, since my car’s windshield every morning looked more like an ice skating rink. To tell the truth it’s been on that list even before. I still remember when I bought my first faux fur coat. It was during the years I was attending university. That day I was with my friend Nico and together we went to Max Mara, a great shop in the downtown of Rimini. “That Coat” was simply fabulous, in the shop window, laid on a sled covered with fake snow. Totally black, cape style, with a collar stole wrap neck. Today it is in the closet, still as beautiful as yesterday, but in the meantime I have changed tastes and style. I hope my daughter will use it one day. But my passion for that kind of outerwear still endures. And last January, just before the last knee surgery, I surrendered to it. A bit audacious … the faux fur coat is quite showy and this one was also coloured in red, black and yellow. I entered the shop, I asked if I could put it on. Wow! Simply amazing. Some seconds later I had already bought it. It was the gift against the fear of the surgery and also the promise to myself that I would take care of my looks and outfits even when I would have to use crutches. Sometimes frivolousness leads to a more positive attitude towards problems. Anyway…. “Dear Simonetta, do you really want to go on with your memories?”. Not exactly… I know you are right and maybe a little fed up with my wandering. So, are you ready for my pills of wisdom? First of all: the faux fur coat is not suitable for all kind of body shapes. And now I imagine that the few of you that have endured my babble want to close this page. But you have to stay. I promise I’ll give you some useful tips that will help you find the best faux fur coat for your bodu shape.

pelliccia ecologica

How to wear a voluminous clothing item:

  • The faux fur coat makes even lean column body shapes appear a bit clumsy. However, short hair and dark shades can help slimming the figure.
  • If the upper part of your body is larger that the lower one, go for sleeveless jackets or coats with sleeves in less voluminous fabrics like woollen fabrics or leather.
  • Faux fur is on fashion this winter, magazines are full of horizontal stripes and printing patterns. You must remember, however, that these coats are to be avoided by apple body shapes, because they tend to create a widening effect.
  • To elongate the figure and reduce the voluminous effect created by the faux fur go for shoes with high heels. Remember that by matching the colours of hemline, tights and shoes you can elongate the leg and your calves and ankles will look slimmer.
  • Contrast the volume added by the fur in the upper part of your body with simple and straight trousers; go for skinny trousers if you are lean column shape.
  • Avoid long faux fur coat, above all if you are petite, if you don’t want to add years to your identity card! Remember that the hemline of your coat must not end at the largest part of your body. Go for waist length jackets if you have a small waist and large hips or opt for longer items that cover your thighs.
  • The fur is a showy piece of clothing, thus, match it with simpler clothes, sporty and casual pieces of clothing to avoid the too much effect. Sometimes less is better!
  • Matching fur and sporty and informal outfits can make you look younger.

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