The fashion jacket that flatters your body shape

Never before I’ve appreciated the Autumn season like now, with its slower rhythms, the still mild temperatures, the countryside dressed in warm shades where the yellows and the reds triumph. Fashion, then, really seems to offer many interpretations of one the garments I adore most, the jacket, the one that best matches my passion for mix and match styles, putting together different clothing items, trying, however, to create balanced outfits. And never before, the jacket has been used in such a lot of occasions, thanks also to the extraordinarily high temperatures, which postpone the use of heavy coats to colder winter days. In this wide variety of styles there’s certainly the perfect look for all body shapes and tastes. So stay tuned, dear readers, I’ve prepared the list right for your figure, because I do not intend to leave you unprepared for next Black Friday’s bargain!

The blazer

How much I like the blazer! It is the winning card of the fall 2018 fashion, which proposes it in many interpretations, all dealing with the main argument of larger and more masculine shapes. The check and the tartan patterns, just to cite those Anglo-Saxon motifs that drive me crazy. Or the trend of the plain colour, according to this Autumn fashion shades, like the burnt orange, yellow, silver, or the fluorescent colours. The single-breasted jacket is good for almost everyone, the only recommendation I would add is that of taking care to the hems, which should not end right at the largest parts of your body.

More shaped styles are really feminine and always evergreen, moreover they shape the silhouette of the lean column body type woman and enhance the wasp waist of the hourglass woman. The double-breasted blazer is suitable for those with a smaller upper body, because it adds volume and rebalances proportions. Go for less conspicuous or darker colours if the upper part of your body is larger than the lower part. One of this year’s trendy looks requires the wide belt worn around the waist on the blazer, which is really fun but not for everybody, I would dare to say only for those who have a thin waist.

The pink or the blue biker jacket

Don’t you think that fashion influencers are copying me? Ok, I’m joking, but I have a black biker jacket and also a pink one, bought some years ago, thus anticipating unconsciously this Autumn trend. And do you know why I have a pink biker jacket? Because the classic black colour is a bit dark for my complexion. Pink is a great colour for many types of woman, but it’s really perfect on the Spring woman, while the powder blue one enhances the delicate colours of the Summer type woman. The Autumn woman should orient herself towards the bright colours of the earth and tobacco. Wear it on denim outfits, but also on the classic little black dress for a trendy and chic look at the same time.


The cape and the cowboy style

And here again I can say I got it! I love capes and also the cowboy style that is so on fashion this Autumn. And I’m ready to give you some tips! This Fall 2018 fashion has presented coloured and quite showy capes, perfect for the beautiful girls that walk on the catwalk, but not suitable for all types of women. Choose more traditional colours and add some coloured accessories, go for neutrals like gray and beige that are good for almost everyone. Wear it with a belt around your waist if you have a wasp waist or if you are an hourglass type, put it wrapped around your shoulders if you are a lean column body type. If you are an apple or a full rectangle, choose the classic cape cloak, thigh or knee length and A-shaped, with two wide cuts to let the arms go out. This style is good for the pear shaped woman too.

The cropped bouclé jacket

And I have this one too! It is not exactly what I want most, so special and everlasting, the pink jacket with the black hemlines, the golden or pearl buttons. You should have already understood what I’m speaking about, the Coco Chanel little jacket! Similar styles are always elegant and make the denim outfit more refined and suitable for the woman over 40. At work, the pencil skirt too changes the look if you add this petite jacket. Pay attention, however, to the fabric. Bouclé adds volume, even to thin women. So go for darker colours, instead, avoid pockets and details on the larger parts of your body. This type of jacket, waist length, tends to lengthen the proportions of the lower body, so if you are tall and have a lean body shape and you long for this iconic clothing item, rebalance your proportions by adding a longer top that comes out under the jacket, add your preferred denim pants. The hourglass woman is perfect with the pencil skirt, the pear shaped woman can add it with the bias cut or with the flared skirt, while the apple woman can wear a soft and straight dress.


Have you found your best trendy jacket? Have a special weekend, dear readers!

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