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Winter is upon us. With a gust of wind, the milder temperatures of autumn have given way to snow and frost. A fashionista, however, knows how to protect herself stylishly from cold weather. On grey days, she goes for warm and enveloping coats that give her a special allure. She knows what to wear by choosing those garments that outlive every trend, warm up and make her outfits so unique. The timeless coats that will never go out of style are of good workmanship and give elegance and charm.

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But which coats should we have in the wardrobe? Which garment is always fashionable on the catwalk? Undoubtedly, the camel coat will never date, like the black coat. These two neutral shades are the colours to think of if you need something that will last forever, followed by the tweed garments in the many shades of grey, beige or black.

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Another key element to consider is the quality of the fabric. Top materials combine the insulating properties of wool with the softness of cashmere or the brilliance of silk to bring a unique product, warm and enveloping, beautiful to see and soft to touch.

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Which coats should we prefer?

The single-breasted coat looks good on many different body shapes. It seems to come from the man’s closet and is generally straight, with a row of buttons in the middle. More feminine interpretations are shaped and enriched with jewelled buttons or other details. The double-breasted garment, with a double row of buttons, is particularly suitable for those who have the upper part of the body leaner. The wrap style is perfect for those who have a slim waist, but also for those who want to better define the silhouette and has a less curvy physique.

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Let’s not forget the teddy coat, which for some years has conquered the catwalks. It is a warm and soft coat with generous texture and volume, suitable for a thin or medium build. In general, the rule of proportions invites us to choose coats and outerwear taking into account the height: coats up to the ankle are suitable for tall people, short coats or up to the knee are fine for those who are petite.

Have you found the most suitable coat for your style? See you soon, dear readers!

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