The classy beach outfit is a must have

(Photo from Pexels by Pete Johnson). Good morning dear readers! Are you lying on the beach, under the sun of a famous overcrowded holiday resort? And what are you wearing? A bikini, of course! Well, at least I hope you are! But that’s not enough for the classy over 40 woman. The beach outfit comprehends more than just that and the dress code is valid on the beach too.

Indeed, I would dare to say that the more you are less dressed, the more the dress code and accessories become important. Few but special items added to your bikini can make the difference. Starting from the beach robe you go for to complete your beach outfit, like the caftan or the kimono or the short dress, to be paired with flat shoes, the wide-brimmed hat for those who love this accessory, the oversized sunglasses, the large coloured bag made of straw or cloth, in the colours that match your beach towel and everything that goes around you, under the sun umbrella. To always feel at the top, radiant and sunny like never before, on a beautiful day of relax.

So let’s start with the caftan, one of the most elegant garments to use on the beach, to choose, however, following some tips. The classic style is straight and long at least up to the knee, with side slits, perfect for lean column body shapes. For those who adore this garment and have a more rounded shape, like hourglass and pear body figures, this garment risks adding volume at the most critical parts, because it hides the thin waist, one of the characteristics of beautiful Mediterranean women. So, if you recognize yourself in one of these categories, choose a caftan in a light and slightly transparent fabric, avoid hard cotton cloth, showy patterns and direct yourself towards plain colours or delicate patterns, in the dark shades of your colour palette (for more information on the subject you can go to my blog’s page dedicated to this topic).

You may take this tips for granted but it’s not the same for many women. Indeed, I decided to write about the beach outfit after seeing a kind of leopards and zebras from head to toe walking on the beach, some days ago. And I also saw caftans with such fluorescent colours that my light blue eyes could bear that vision only through the dark lenses of my gorgeous Minimal Baroque sunnies! So, if the caftan is not among your favourite beach robes, if you could run the risk of committing such mistakes, then turn to the short dress that gently follows your silhouette without hugging. Or go for a kimono, above all if you have an apple body shape. Just pay attention to the length and remember a simple rule, the one about the hem that should never end on the largest part of your body. And in the choice of patterns, keep yourself on sober and medium-sized designs, where curved lines predominate from top to bottom producing that optical effect that helps to elongate the figure. Last but not least, the grandma shirt nightgown, which I’m in love with! White, embroidered, with hem lace, perfect for women over 40, who are a bit romantic but always elegant and stylish, even on the beach.

Here it follows my short list about the dress code and the beach outfit:

  • Skimpy beachwear and topless are banned.
  • Use embellished flip flops or flat sandals, avoid heels on the beach.
  • Use beach robes and shoewear to go to the bar or restaurant.
  • Use the best sun protection for your skin and remember that the more you get tanned the more you gain wrinkles. In September, then, do not tell me that I did not warn you!
  • Beach makeup should be light. Red lips and smoky eyes are for your evenings out.
  • Last but not least: hair removal and pedicure are really essential.


Now that you know what to do, relax and enjoy your sunny day on the beach!


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