The Christmas gifts to do and to receive

regali di natale

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25th December is really so near and I have not bought the Christmas gifts yet, therefore, today’s post seems more thought for the late ones like me than for you. Who knows, how many beautiful surprises you have already wrapped! Or maybe not, maybe you really need some last-minute advice about the presents to put under the tree of your best friend, of your mother or aunt, or simply of yours. I’ve been looking around to find out items for any budget, nice Christmas gifts that can be good for women with the most different tastes.

The gifts for everybody

The perfume store and the herbalist’s shop are the right places where you can find special items at small prices. The hand cream, so essential in the colder months, the scented candle that warms the party atmosphere, the body lotion for pampering yourself at the end of a busy day.

The lace tank top

lace tank top

Do not open your eyes so wide, dear readers! In the Christmas wish list there’s a space for the lace tank top too! It’s the perfect accessory that gives some refinement and freshness to any outfit. The macramé lace that spreads out from the neckline, or the lace hemline that comes out from the cropped sweater, they both are special details for layering looks, where the apparent carelessness of the underwear that can be seen is not at all random, but chosen to give more quality to your everyday look. I like the lace tank top that gives a touch of elegance to denim outfits. Here you can find some lace tops from ShopStyle Collective’s website:

The scarf and the shawl


A classic gift that is always welcome, because scarves and shawls are those accessories that bring some freshness to modest clothes. You can find them at all prices and in many patterns, made of special fabrics like silk, viscose or modal, or cheaper cloth but still with beautiful prints. They all can change the destiny of the old sweater, of the simple white shirt worn under the work uniform. This year, the animal print is very trendy, suitable for both denim and chic looks.


Gloves, how much I adore you! I’m so sensitive to the cold and cannot do without them in Winter! So nice and elegant are the gloves with the jewelled ring or the brooch sewn around the finger or on the wrist that enliven coats and puffer jackets.

The refined watch

The metallic pink colour is the main feature of special female watches, the touch of class to the sporty or elegant look. There are watches for all pockets and different looks, from the one with the metal mesh band to the male style that has the leather strap and a large quadrant.


The Christmas wish list could go on indefinitely. I hope I’ve helped you a little. Maybe, next time, you’ll be the one to give me some advice before December 24th! See you soon, dear readers!


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