The cheap jacket that will make you forget fashion brands

tweed jacket

Cheap jacket or branded jacket…. If we had the budget of a superstar we could avoid this question and jump right into one of the wonderful fashion brand shops that often make us dream. Fortunately, low-cost fashion is a bit closer to all of us. Sometimes it does not even fear the comparison with the luxury brands. Can’t you think of buying a garment that emerges in the confusion of a stall, at the street market? My dear readers, who said that a gorgeous jacket must necessarily be expensive?

cheap tweed jacket, pink colour

I certainly didn’t say it, for one reason above all. I love jackets and blazers, so indispensable for the office wear, so perfect with every look. And I like having many of them, in the strangest patterns and prints, in the colours that can interpret the season and my mood. And if it comes to saving money and buying more than one cheap jacket, I’m even happier!

How to choose the cheap jacket that has nothing to envy

The details are the added value of every cheap item. It can be the strange pattern, the special fabric. The fact is that some features can hide any possible imperfections on a jacket that, at a cost of only 10 or 20 Euros, we are all certainly willing to accept. Look at the seams, for example. They should always be perfect and straight. Inside the plain and smooth fabric, any defects could be easily distinguished, the same ones that even the most attentive eye would, however, have difficulty noticing on a printed fabric, among flowers, checks or stripes. Another important aspect to consider is the colour of the jacket: dark garments hide imperfections better than light ones. Also, avoid jackets with coloured seams in contrast with the colour of the fabric, unless they are more than perfect.

blazer blue e t-shirt con Minnie

How to enhance the cheap jacket

Now that you have purchased your cheap jacket, you should elevate it with special accessories. Have you ever thought about replacing the original buttons with more precious mother-of-pearl items? Your latest purchase will surely change in appearance and gain value. And if the collar is not exactly perfect, adding a silk scarf to your look will surely make the difference. And don’t forget jewels, from the bracelet to the earrings, to the long necklace that sparkles under the scarf, everything contributes to embellish your jacket. Last tip that counts like the icing on the cake: turn back the cuffs and look at yourself in the mirror. It’s all so different and more special!

Where to buy the cheap jacket?

From the market stalls to the low-cost brand shops without forgetting seasonal sales and the many opportunities that online shopping has in store for us. There are so many beautiful products, you just need to decide if the jacket is worth buying and purchase only the items that you will really wear. For this occasion, I have selected some really nice jackets on Amazon website, the details of which are available on my dedicated page:

Yourstyleover40 on Amazon

giacche donna economiche

Have fun dear readers! And remember that now even the princesses wear cheap clothes!


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