The best white tops you won’t miss this summer

white tops

(Photo by Adamkontor from Pixabay) You cannot say it’s summer time without one or two white tops in your closet, there should always be one because it accentuates the tan, it gives that magical light to the complexion and makes you look healthy and gorgeous. And white tops are never enough, they really look good with everything, they give that pop of light and elegance to any look. The romantic top is made with eyelet lace, the elegant one has the lightness and softness of the silk. The boho and holiday style speaks about the crochet top, the minimalist one turns out to be a one-shoulder swimsuit. white tops

Last but not least the classic white T-shirt, to wear on a thousand occasions, under the formal office jacket, to put in the suitcase for the last minute sea destination, to be always at hand whenever we are looking for the piece of clothing that will go with everything.

I have selected some white tops for your most beautiful days, to be captured in a few shots with the clear blue sky behind you, the sea, the mountains or the countryside, all nature in its and in our best moments.

White tops – the lace shirt

In summer it is perfect with shorts, the lace blouse balances the proportions between the upper and lower parts of the body, making the casual look more chic and suitable for the woman over 40 who does not want to give up elegance in her free time.

White tops – the silk camisole

It’s a classic piece, the garment you will wear in any season. It refreshes the formal jacket by giving a pop of glowing. In colder seasons, you can wear it under the wool sweater, for a more refined look.

The white top with puffed sleeves

A detail that makes the difference, that of the puffed sleeves, so trendy this summer. It is a nice and cool garment that you can wear with jeans and sneakers, but also with long or short skirts and with flat sandals. Really versatile!

The white one-shoulder swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit is chic, and if it’s one-shoulder it’s more special and can leave the beach for a great party at sunset, in your preferred holiday spot. You can pair it with a skirt: pencil style if you have a lean column body shape, while wrap and crossover skirts are good for any shape where the waistline might need to be adjusted. Then, complete the look with jewelled sandals for a glorious look!

The white tank top

I love the combo of a classic white tank top with a silk skirt, it’s a perfect combination of casual look and elegance. It is a winner for those who love the mix and match style, the contrast between different textures and fabrics.

Have a great day dear readers, don’t forget to put a white top in your suitcase!

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