The best street style outfits for the woman over 40

Who knows how many times have you heard about street style in the last years! The style worn by the women walking down the most famous streets of New York or Milan, when during the fashion weeks, the beautiful models show next season’s looks. In the meantime Piazza Duomo or via della Spiga become the most sought-after catwalks by photographers, in search of stylish and ordinary people, who are not at all ordinary in their dresses and often long for being immortalized, in the hope that their looks will become trends.

I like street style, where everything stems from that special flair that belongs more to the personality rather than to the fashion stylist. Do you remember the first time you saw the look where tennis shoes were paired with evening dresses? Maybe you don’t, just because now this combo has become of common use. But it first came from the street, from the style that combines different clothes and accessories, the one that mixes beauty with comfort, especially for those who go out every day in the street to reach the place of work. In this style nothing is left to chance, every detail appears to be casual, but not trivial, indeed very unique and special, with the desire of being copied endlessly and get as many likes as possible on social accounts, transforming that look or that accessory into an iconic item.

street style coat


The street style often goes hand in hand with the outfits of the most envied fashion bloggers, who are also so young and cute. But among the many popular street looks, those which outlive the week of crazy fall in love are also those more suited to women over 40. For this reason I have created for you some street style outfits that you can wear to go to work every morning and to go out for special occasions.

Evening dress and sneaker – the glam street style

How many times my mom has stared at me after seeing tennis shoes paired with a long silk dress! The reason for my unusual choice stands in the titanium screw I have in my left foot, which often agrees with the word comfort. So this is really the right case to say that when fashion comes to meet you can not do anything but welcome it with open arms!

Blazer and joggers – the creative street style

Comfort and elegance can stay in the same outfit? Of course, they can! On condition that the blazer is shaped and in a special fabric, in order to avoid sloppy results. And for a more refined outfit add heel shoes, a showy ring and a colourful scarf.

Blazer, skirt and sneaker – the street style to go to work

This look plays with two of the Autumn’s fashion colours, the blue that add a pop of light to the formal grey for a fresh work outfit. The street style stands out with unconventional work shoes, a pair of beautiful sneakers, in the same shade of blue of the bag. And also from the unusual skirt, not a pencil skirt as you should expect but a flirty skirt, so beautiful with that flounce.

Silk shirt and denim pants – the street style from Paris

Dare every now and then with something out of the ordinary that get some fun to the too perfect and tidy look! And what’s better than a pair of worn out jeans! To go out with your friends and chat together around a cup of coffee, which is also good for the mood too!

Animal print by night – the killing street style

The animal print is the great protagonist of this Fall/Winter fashion and has been seen on many beautiful women walking on the most famous streets. The femme fatale look requires the pencil skirt that emphasizes female shapes, paired with sock ankle boots and a tight top, both in black colour.

street style with animal print skirt

Animal print by day – the glam and comfy street style

In everyday style, the animal print is used with seemingly simple looks, where the spotted pattern is perhaps even more noticeable, because it covers unusual details, such as the martingale or the collar of the coat. The whole outfit is built around the shades of neutral colours like black and beige, but the fabrics chosen are refined, like the faux leather for the trousers, the metallic leather for the sneakers.

street style and black coat


Are you ready for the catwalk in downtown? Enjoy the weekend, dear readers!

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