The best sarong to be elegant at the beach

donna in spiaggia che solleva la sabbia

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It’s Summer time! The calendar and higher temperatures are finally in tune after the heavy showers of Spring! Which means we must speak about one of the essentials accessories for our holidays, the sarong. The must have garment for all over 40 women who want to be elegant at the beach too. So, keep the sarong close at hand always, especially when you leave the sunbed to go to the bar and enjoy a cool drink.

Let’s start thinking that we must never forget the dress code once we leave the office. Indeed, it becomes ever more necessary all the times we are less dressed. I feel more at ease wearing a sarong every time I move to the bar or to the restaurant, even if I’m on the beach. Whether for hygienic reasons – try to think of relaxing yourself on a chair that has hosted so many people before you and tell me if you don’t feel the need to be a little more dressed – or for respect those around us.

How to wear the sarong that flatters your body shape

A light and soft fabric sarong is really versatile and can be tied into a wrap skirt or to create a strapless dress. And the larger it is, the more purposes and styles can be served! The most classic style wants the knot on the hip to create a skirt with a side slit, which can be long down to the feet for the tall woman that has a slender body, or short and mid-thigh long for the petite woman. And if you wear a one piece swimsuit under it, you will be really elegant and ready for a romantic cocktail at dusk, barefoot in the sand.

one piece shaping swimsuit
one piece shaping swimsuit, from 16,99 Euros on Amazon website
soft silk sarong with pink and brown shades
soft silk sarong with pink and brown shades, 21,99 Euros on Amazon website

The style I prefer is the one that changes the sarong into a dress with two edges that wrap and cross on the breast and are tied behind the neck. This style is also suitable for those who have a prosperous breast, because the diagonal lines of the cross tend to slim the figure. For those whose main problem stands in the belly area characterized by large waist and hips, a good solution is that of tying the sarong on the bra, in the middle of your shape, or on one side under the arm, to create a straight strapless dress that slips well over your body without hugging.

Blu and turquoise one piece pushup swimsuit
Blu and turquoise one piece pushup swimsuit, 15,99 Euros on Amazon website
blue and turquoise rayon fabric sarong
blue and turquoise rayon fabric sarong, now reduced price at 12,99 on Amazon website

The best sarong prints

The animal print is so on fashion this Summer. But pay attention to your shape, remember that if you are as curvy as the Kardashian sisters, all the prints you wear will float on your body at every single movement and appear even larger. It is up to you to decide whether to stand out among the crowd or whether to choose elegance and class even on the beach. A good compromise is to move towards smaller patterns if the main colours of your sarong are bright and showy, or to go for larger patterns but in classic and neutral colours like white, black and all the shades of earth. One more tip: geometric prints and stripes are more suitable for lean column body figures, dots and flowers are right for mediterranean female body shapes.

pareo colorato Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci sarong


I’ve found an interesting video on the many ways to wear a sarong, hope you like it!


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