The art of dressing in layers

vestirsi a strati

Dressing in layers is a kind of art we all should learn to face weird weather with beauty and elegance. In the morning, we leave home when the air is damp and cold, perceiving the first chills of autumn. Then, when the sun manages to cross that thick wall of clouds, it seems we are back to summer. And the sky becomes incredibly blue to warm our intense days. But in order not to ruin this idyllic picture with clothes that stick to the skin or make us tremble like leaves in the wind, we need to know the art of dressing in layers, following a few essential rules. Are you ready for this? Below, you’ll find some hacks for dressing beautifully and feeling at ease!

(grey outfit Do not buy just cry via Pinterest; cream and brown outfit Rita Candida via Pinterest)

Dressing in layers tips

  • In direct contact with the skin, wear only natural fibres like cotton and silk. A T-shirt, a top or a slip dress, are great choices when they slide well on the body without creating bulges and they fit perfectly under jackets, cardigans or coats.
  • Add a warmer piece of clothing, choosing the heaviness and volume according to this rule: the heaviest and most voluminous piece of clothing is worn to cover light and fitted clothes. Choose fitted cardigans and blouses, if you are going to complete your outfit with something else.
Turtleneck and blouse NDV, Pinterest
turtleneck and blouse NDV, Pinterest
  • Carry in your bag a silk scarf in a beautiful pattern. When the temperatures rise and invite you to remove some layers of fabric showing off your T-shirt, the scarf will add class and style to a decidedly basic garment.
  • Alternatively, add a colourful necklace that will become the queen of your look and will elevate the casual style.
  • For colder days, the turtleneck brings that extra warmth that helps a lot. Wear it under a blazer or a shirt for your office looks.
shacket Net-a-porter, Pinterest
shacket Net-a-porter, Pinterest

Feeling good and gorgeous

  • The knee-length skirt is a great ally for days with changing temperatures. When it is cold you can wear it with tights and boots. When the temperature rises you could replace the tights with short socks in tone with the whole outfit.
  • If you prefer trousers, remember that too tight-fitting models can be annoying when the heat increases.
  • Avoid faux leather garments when temperatures are constantly changing. The internal felting is fantastic when outside is cold, but it becomes infernal when the heat comes.
  • Choose the garments taking into account the colour. From tone on tone to colourful looks where the choice of a neutral garment – a white T-shirt, denim skirts or pants – balances the combinations between complementary colours – yellow and purple, blue and orange, red and green – or between adjacent colours, such as blue with green or yellow.
brown and white outfit, Pinterest
brown and white outfit, Pinterest
  • Balance the proportions between the upper and lower body. If you create important volumes with T-shirts, sweatshirts or maxi-pulls, opt for leggings or pencil skirts that lighten the figure. If you prefer trousers with wide and soft lines combine them with fitted shirts and slim-fit cardigans, and highlight the waist with a belt.

Now that you have learned the tricks of dressing in layers, look in your closet for items to use to create the right outfits for these crazy temperatures!

foulard and blouse Stylé, Pinterest
foulard and blouse Stylé, Pinterest

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