The animalier print is back to tempt you


The animalier print is back! I could not but talk about it, because it’s really everywhere. A few days ago, while I was having a stroll along the famous Viale Ceccarini I really felt I was at the zoo. In the shop windows, there were many stunning outfits, so beautiful, but so hard to wear, especially for women over 40. Endless variety of prints, from zebra, leopard, python and giraffe too, even mixed together, in an incredibly gorgeous result. I must say that fashion designers have a real talent. As long as their works remain on the mannequins or on the girls of the catwalk! Indeed, the animalier pattern is so showy that it needs some rules, if you do not want to commit ruinous style and elegance mistakes. Thus, my dear readers, do not let yourself get bewitched by the downtown shop windows, ask yourself the fateful question before any purchase, the one that invites you to look in the mirror your reflection with the latest animalier madness, to find a brilliant woman, anyway still elegant, who knows how to mix and balance different styles.

Few tips can make the difference, and in this Autumn season, amid the madness of those who adore this pattern and those who hate it, I feel like saying something more, add some helpful suggestion that perhaps will guide you in this urban jungle.

Animalier yes

  • Choose the animalier print to spice up formal looks. Acessories are perfect to give a touch of sparkle and freshness to the suit that you wear every day to go to work: from the scarf to the belt, from the glasses’ frame to jewellery, that is to say those items that are not too showy inside a whole outfit but can help making your look more glamorous.
  • Orient yourself towards small prints and tone-on-tone, avoid large patterns. Remember that the more the prints are showy, the more they will emphasize your body.
  • Pair the animalier with classic and neutral colours, including black, dove gray and cream. Choose one item with this pattern at a time, such as a top or a knee-length skirt, match it with simple and plain pieces, tone-on-tone.
  • Remember that this pattern and denim together are a winning combo: the simplicity of the denim fabric, combined with the refinement of the print, creates a perfect and balanced mix.
  • Use the pink colour together with the animalier print to get a glam and refined look.

Animalier no

  • Avoid  large prints and combinations with fuchsia and yellow fluo colours, better suited to the very young.
  • Do not mix different patterns together.
  • Use one showy garment at a time.
  • Do not combine the animalier pattern with other showy fabrics including sequins, lace, metallic and faux leather fabrics..
  • I would not say, but since I’m on the subject … The animalier skirt is beautiful and refined if it is at least knee-length. Abandon the idea of the animalier miniskirt, even more if you want to pair it with high heels!

Have a nice weekend, dear readers! Enjoy yourself in the closet!

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